The Money Bell Curve

Last Update: November 10, 2013

So first of all, excuse my ammature attempt at putting together "The Money Bell Curve" graphic above.

I was caught in the delimma of either providing information or spending time creating a graphic.

Anyway, I think you will appreciate the message that it represents irrespective of whether the picture was done by a pro or not.

The Money Bell Curve

One thing that you're gonna find when creating your business online especially if you're new to affiliate marketing is that there is just so much to learn.

So much so that sometimes it can be over whelming.

Sometimes it can be frustrating too.

So I thought that it would be fitting to give you a picture of what your journey might look like, which is why I created this bell curve graphic above.

Knowing where you are in the process and how far you have to go will hopefully mean that you don't give up right before you become successful.

Trust me, I have seen many quit just before the pay off, which is sad to see.

The Left Side Of The Curve

This side represents the training that you will have to go through in order for you to master the process.

Yes, for some of you the curve might be steeper than for others, but if you just follow the training in WA, mastering the process becomes inevitable.

Some people get just under three quarters of the way up, but then give up because they don't see results, but if they pushed a little more they would have made their first sale.

Everyone's journey is going to be slightly different given their current knowledge, unique life experiences and backgrounds, however the process is the same.

Mastering The Process

As you build your website and slowly but surely you start to see traffic come in, somewhere towards the top of the curve you will suddenly realize that you just made a sale, maybe two, and it's at this point where you would have proved to yourself once and for all that it is possible to make money online.

You see, it's easy for me to say that you will make money, because I know that it's possible, but until you actually make it yourself, there's still doubt in your mind.

Have Faith

In order for you to make any sort of change in your life you have to have faith that you can do it.

You also have to have faith that the plan you are following is going to get you there too.

Just like driving a car or riding a bike ... before you knew how to do either, you would have had to have had faith that you could do it.

I know it's easier to have faith in being able to ride a bike or drive a car, because so many people you know have done it before.

Well, so many people that I know make money online.

Moreover, so many people that I don't know, but who are WA members have made money online too.

The Right Side Of The Curve

So this is that coolest side, because it's where you start making all the money.

You see, once you've mastered the process then it's a case of rinsing and repeating the same process over and over again.

You can either do this, by going deeper within your niche or finding other niches to exploit.

So now it becomes a case of how much money do you want to make every month and then calculating how many websites you have to create.

This doesn't mean that you have to create all the websites yourself, in fact what you can do once you start seeing consistent results is start to outsource your websites and just manage the process.

Never Give Up

You are not going to see instant results when you first get started, although I do know of one guy, Paul, who has got second page rankings in Google within his first 2 weeks of being a member of WA.

So it's possible.

But look, in most cases it takes time for Google and the other search engines to pick up your new posts, assess it against millions and millions of other pages and then rank it accordingly, so just be patient.

And remember this, what you post today could well be your income of tomorrow or a month down the line. So, if you're not creating a blog post today, then you are potentially missing out on sales a month or two down the line.

So when you get those thoughts of ... this is not working, or I can't make money online, just assess where you might be on The Money Bell Curve and put a little perspective on the matter.

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Thanks for the encouragement and sharing useful advice...
ddjones Premium
Thanks for the interesting bell curve, and inspiration today.
HappyDots Premium
Thanks for sharing this and reminding us to have faith, and not give up in our journey of building an online business! Yes it's possible for us to make money online, so let's press on! :)
nathaniell Premium Plus
That's a nice looking bell you got there! You really hit the nail on the head with that one. The ride up can be long and lonely, but it'll be a distant memory on that slide down.
BeYou Premium
So True, once on the other side, we won't remember the upside of the bell as clearly. Bit like child birth
kws123 Premium
Good post and excellent advice...