Lucky 7?

Last Update: April 02, 2014

Ever wondered why prices online, especially in the internet marketing niche, usually end in 7? $7, $17, $27, $97 . . . all are common sights for online products.

Even Wealthy Affiliate charges $47. Why not $49.95? $49.99?

Prices ending in 7

The price strategists at Kissmetrics insist prices should end in the number 9, quoting studies done by MIT and the University of Chciago. The original studies were done for products at brick and mortar stores. Online it still seems to work for items like women's clothing.

On the other hand, marketers at the WarriorForum insist that experience has shown the number 7 outsells 9 every time. A good point was made by one poster. He feels that buyers for info products and IM programs are used to seeing the number 7, that it has become part of the online buying experience.

If the product price tag ends in a 7, it's perceived as being an IM product that conforms to accepted standards. And it is seen as a good deal.

Online marketers can benefit by fitting in to the customary way of doing things when pricing their products. Seven is lucky for affiliate marketers!

Day 3

I bartered for a website that doesn't have much on it. The owner didn't have time to work on it. I like the domain name and it's in a niche I like. So I'm exploring the site and the admin area. Plus I have my WA affiliate site to get up.

Today I worked on Lesson 6, plug-ins and SEO. I think I'll be on this lesson for the rest of the week. Learning by doing--lots of hands-on homework with the two websites.

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nomda ploom Premium
intriguing and instantly makes sense, subjectively speaking
Affiliateer Premium
Pricing using 7 sure seems to be everywhere. Wonder what would happen if some marketers tried to change it to 3 or 8 or other number. Sure be an uphill battle.
Fred Chong Premium
Nice thoughts! Not sure if Kyle or Carson would have thought of the same charging $47... I look forward to read your blog post again on the 7th April. And when I clicked Like This, it shows that I'm no. 7!
Affiliateer Premium
7 shows uo everywhere! Thanks for the comments. Hope you find lots of lucky 7s!
be Premium
good awareness - sacred numerology points the #9 as a change number. Letting go and knowing what to keep to move on. Transition, transactions included.

#7 reflects alliances and delving into superior understanding of mind over matter.
7 comes before 9 as all understanding of advanced knowledge is needed to better step into the change....
Prices ending in 7 reflect support in business, but not necessarily ultimate profit.

All prices ending in a 9 reflect an ultimate change in material experience but not necessarily of chosen value.

Asian cultures ( in particular those who follow numerological influences) choose the number 8 as their ultimate wealth number because it reflects balance and acquired knowing-ness at the same time, bringing luck to the one that holds it in equilibrium.

Since ur on Lesson 6 - #6 is that of Service. Often times referred as the "work" number, it is advised by spirit to consider it more a number that reflects your purpose in action.

Have fun watching numbers around you!
Affiliateer Premium
Hey, the numerology lady! Thanks for the input. That's fascinating.

How are you with the lottery?
masirois Premium
There have been studies done on certain numbers and their impact on marketing. I wish I had a few saved to share here, but I have just sort of "mentally stored" what struck me. I know there are some numbers that resonate strongly with readers and 7 is one of them.

Not just in pricing, but if you were to have a headline that read "10 Things You Need to Know About Online Marketing", it wouldn't be as likely to be read as one that reads "7 Things You Need to Know About Online Marketing."

Another 7 stat is the ideal length of a blog post is about a 7-minute read.
Affiliateer Premium
Interesting! One person thought it also was a carryover from gambling and the tradition of a lucky 7.