Success post of helping traumatized people

Last Update: April 13, 2018

36 people that have reached out for help

Good day everyone.

I realize that I have not reached out as often as should when it comes to blogging. But I have some good news. 36 people that have reached out for help ever since my last blog post about me wanting to help traumatized people so I thought hey why not share what I did for them.

Obviously what we talk about is confidential so that will not be discussed but the questions that I get is what I will mention though. And then shed some light on how to go about getting things back to normal.

No, I'm not saying it's going to be easy this always takes time for me personally it took over 5 years believe it or not. So yes what you need is someone who can walk you through how to get past this one day at a time.

You all saw my former blog about this subject so since I was asked by numerous of the clients if I may call you that.

Why don't I start a website about this?

Wel, I honestly don't think that will be the right thing to do since everyone knows I'm not a professional when it comes to these matters, but I have gone through enough to know how to help you through email and my blogs.

questions I get a lot is how does one get past the anger, fear, and helplessness?

Well, I will break them down for you one by one.

Let's start with anger, shall we?

Ok. Anger is by far the strongest emotion out of all the others it consumes you after time, it makes you think and feel different things!! Don't let that consume you. Don't allow that to change who you are. The way to do this. In my case, I went to kickboxing, with kickboxing it doesn't just teach you discipline but it also helps you to get rid of that pent-up anger. It helps you to defend yourself in the future.

That in my books was a bonus. you can then in time for ladies use yoga and for men maybe try cycling, or joining a gym program. I'm not just saying this! It really works in times when you feel like your going to explode I did every single one of them, to be honest.

Now, this brings us to fear.

The feeling you have is beyond always look over your shoulder, never want to leave your home, every little sound freaks you out. When your phone goes off you nearly get a heart attack right? Oh and not to mention the nightmares!

I really know how your feeling I have been there. In a case like this when you go to bed put music on that is gentle and soothing, you can use earphones if you want. Even light a scented candle if you want to.

Now you might wonder. Is this woman crazy? What if someone is around? Well, that was my thoughts too. Till I decided that I will not let this consume me they will not get more power over me that they or it has had over me for so long. Try it! For one week ok if that doesn't work come back to me.

As for helplessness, well, of course, you would feel helpless, you might even blame yourself. But just know that none of the things that happened to you is your fault. You didn't ask for it. You did tell them to do it. Or even asked for it to happen. It's not your fault! Do you hear me? For years just like you, I have blamed myself, for years the feeling of despair was way too much to handle. You can't for one second put yourself down or think.

Why did go there?

Why did I do this?

Why did this happen to me?

WIll I ever feel the same again?

None of this will help you. Rather say.

I will, I can, and I want to get through this!

They or it was at fault not me!

I will not carry they're a burden on my shoulder for another second!

Yes, you might say. Well, that is easy for her to say! But I have been there I'm here to help you not the other way around. I am telling you this because it worked for me over time.

To conclude this discussion.

Always have a diary with you. Write all your thoughts and feelings down even your dreams. Then look at what triggers them, once you have established that try to avoid it for the first 4 months. Please reach out if you need help in any other departments.

As always love Angel

Just know I believe in you. And am here for you.

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TeamIceCream Premium
Hi Angelique
Let me give you an e-hug first! ;-)
Well done on helping others Angelique!
You are right, I also think that Anger, Fear and Helplessness are the 3 overwhelming and often almost paralyzing emotions. Well done on the kickboxing - I like that idea! ;-)
Keep up the good work!
Love and hugs
Sharlee (Chocolate IceCream)
Acoetzee29 Premium
Awwww thanks, hun. Yeah 5 years ago I spent hours upon hours boxing lol it's my go-to still when I need it. :)
newmarketpro Premium
Thank you for some great tips on generally how to move on no matter what.. My late mother used to advised me that a strong man is not the one can lift up heavy bricks but those who can control his anger and turn it to positive end.....

Acoetzee29 Premium
That is true indeed. Anger wouldn't be a way out but needs to be handled with care.
Thanks for your comment Joe.