Sorry to say I will miss you all - I have till now been Frantically - fudging it

Last Update: April 03, 2017

Well the time is here when I feared my off-line backpacker business would start to get busy again. I have new jobs in for our young wandering travelers so a word out to the job boards has brought in the masses... Today alone, I've fielded in excess of 100 phone calls, txt, emails and people dropping in to check in in person... The first lucky seasonal workers out to start their first jobs tomorrow and flocks more young people arriving in the next few days. I've talked so much my voice hurts.

So if I am not as active here at WA - I am ok and not forgetting you all... I am still flat out fudging things having built a new website, I still have so many goals yet to achieve. I want to take a moment to say a very special Thank you to each and everyone of you who have helped me in my first 2 months here at WA. I could not have possibly achieved as much as I have without your help.

Sadly I am afraid I may not have quite as much time available to continue building my networks as fast as I have been doing in the past 2 months.

Don't fret I am not leaving anytime soon, I still have a whole lot more to learn and to put into positive action. Up til now I have been Frantically Fudging most everything

Just a quick Update for my followers;

10 days after writing this post my hostel was fully booked with every young traveller into seasonal work, usually at that time I can relax and just take care of running our hostel. However this year I have used the skills learned from WA and adopted the affiliate marketing principles and expanded my Job Finding Service and instead of for FREE people actually pay now for my service. Results since the 19th - 23rd only five days I have helped 41 additional people (people who do not stay in our hostel) into a job my personal goal to get then started in work within 1 - 3 days most are starting within 1 day. Now with this new enterprise I am now turning over an average of NZ$1000 per day a by helping others into a job to start within 1 - 3 days where they can earn around $600 - $1000+ per week... who is happy now? - EVERYONE!

My next step is to move this new product / service online and better use the marketing skills used here from WA.

UPDATE April 2017 - Yes I'm still here & stillfrantically fidgeting it... well my SeasonWorkerZ thing is still growing... new website slowly coming along but still relying on manual systems but still helping others make money online and offline

lowing with interest cheers Tracey

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I fully understand.
Meanwhile, make sure your site works for you while you are working on your other business.
anderscj Premium
I look forward to your return and to learn what you have achieved.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Tracey you have come so far in such a short time congratulations . I am sure you will acheive all your goals , the journey is not over just yet . Best wishes for your summer season .
tiggisuccess Premium
Well done so far. Good luck with the back-packers. Cheers for now.
Martstervt Premium
Well Tracy you will be missed but Life happens and it will be here when you get back.

All the best,
4GoodBuy Premium
Thanks so much Marty, I'm not too far away cheers