Wow Woke Up to The Top 200 Rank!

Last Update: May 1, 2019

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If I Can Do This, Anyone Can!

iIt is fantastic to be ranking within the Top 200 people at WA, I am thrilled! But, at the same time......

I am humbled. I owe it all to the community at Wealthy Affiliates. All of you, each and everyone made this possible, and I thank you all.

It is another step forward, and this motivates and pushes me to do even better, and I will. This is a continuing journey and helping everyone along the way is just as important. I know I don't know as much as some here and I probably hounded many for hours, and stole the time they had for working their businesses. Without their help, I never would have made it this far! Once again, a special thanks to all of you!.

I did learn one heck of a lot since I joined back in 2015, but I have so much yet to learn. It is onward and upward! Maybe, I will reach the top 100 some day, who knows.

Ok, back to work!


Recent Comments


Awesome, nice work. Congrats on crossing the chasm, top 200 is here!

Thanks Kyle, You and Carson made it possible in the first place! Thanks for WA! I have to hold myself to a higher standard now!

congratulations Carl, it certainly is an awesome feeling, I know how I felt earlier in the week.

Thank you Stuart, i must have missed your post! Congrats to you as well! I never was trying to achieve this goal, it just happened from trying to do all the assigned work in SAC!

So agree I did get a shock, I was sort of hovering around the 4/500 mark and the ranking suddenly started to drop without me being aware of doing anything different. Back to the SAC.

Congratulations Carl! I know how much time, effort, and hard work is required to reach such a milestone.

Make a living, make a difference.


Thank you Mark! You have enjoyed quite a lifestyle, others can only dream about! I hope I have made a small difference somewhere, in some lives here at WA already! You have done the hard work as well! Congrats to you also!

Thats great congrats Carl

Thank you, Barb. Onward and upward!

Awesome :) may the WAforce continue to be with you lol :)

Thank you, Saane. I promise I will not go to the dark side! You have made the top fifty! Outstanding! I am a long way from that for sure!

Lol you are most welcome...I found that ranking is not earning me any monetary gain, just lots of friends :)

So true, however we need the support of many to help us in our journey as well. I truly enjoy helping others, and get some real satisfaction from readers who need help from some scam. But, in the end, we do need to make a profit!
The arrogance of doing 2 sites at once is my burden, and it leaves little time for the WA blog. I really have to neglect one to nurse the other!
Have a great day, Saane!

I have two sites, only because I decided to take on the challenge. My first niche site was a tester for me, and dedicated it to my grandmother who inspired me. I have only 24 posts and created if so that it can more or less run on auto. I am currently seeking someone in Fiiver to write a post every week on it, so that I can focus on my challenge WA promo site, which so far only has three posts.

Amazing! Congratulations Carl!

Thank you, Jane. I see you have reached that goal already! Congrats to you also!

Thank you very much!

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