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September 30, 2021
I have not really tried to accomplish the goal of top 200, but here I am. I have been here before, but I did wander off from Wealthy Affiliates and chase a few shiney objects. My rank quickly fell. When I returned I was below 700 in the rankings. But, I never really cared about rankings. Why? Because when I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I knew zero about working online. But, with the help of a few very gracious members, and the WA training, I learned a lot!I created two websites early on, and it sl
I feel like I just moved up to first class from economy, so I'm excited to find my way around and explore all the new shiny objects. The novelty will wear off quickly, but I am confidant the extra training and tools will help me tremendously. I am looking forward to Jaaxy Enterprise!My plan is to use everything I can in the next year to get my business firmly established and maybe realize my goal of making it to the big show in Las Vegas. I need all the help I can get! Or maybe with all the new
October 27, 2020
After being unable to check rankings of my indexed blog posts on Google, today Support updated Jaaxy! Whooo! I have literly been checking everything I possibly could to see if I got "Google Slapped" somewhere! I had nothing but dashes on all my page rankings, and yet I could search them and their they were. Even posts I had in the #1 spot on page #1 were just returning a dash in Jaaxy! Some had started showing dashes in early September!So, if anyone had a problem checking their rankings, Jaaxy
Check This Out!Trying to get more done? Maybe this little trick will help you. I don't know about you, but sitting too long typing get me so stiff, I can hardly move. I read an article that reported we need to move around more. Even for just a few minutes, do a few stretches, get a drink. So, I decided to pull a trick out of Kyle's playbook and set a timer for 1 hour to get me up and moving! Remember setting the timer for writing content in training?This accomplished more than I thought it woul
Has It Been That Long?I can't believe 4 yrs have passed since I started my journey into affiliate marketing.The funny part is, it started by accident. I had somehow clicked on a small ad for a free website when I was researching something else. I was so nieve, I truly believed the garbage they fed me, and I got scammed. I was so angry! I fought them hard and recovered my money. But, then I was itching to know more about websites, and fortunately I found WA. The rest is history.For me, this has
Have you ever noticed that when you are moving along smoothly, something always seems to trip you up? I was doing ok on my SAC and then it happened! My blog post did not load properly when I published it. This big white spot appeared where text used to be and my Featured Image was tight up against my header. I had no Idea why it happened. All I can say is....Don't Copy And PasteText From WP Editor To Site Comments & Publish It doesn't work, I don't exactly know why, but don't do it! What a
If I Can Do This, Anyone Can!iIt is fantastic to be ranking within the Top 200 people at WA, I am thrilled! But, at the same time......I am humbled. I owe it all to the community at Wealthy Affiliates. All of you, each and everyone made this possible, and I thank you all.It is another step forward, and this motivates and pushes me to do even better, and I will. This is a continuing journey and helping everyone along the way is just as important. I know I don't know as much as some here and I pr
Sometimes things just aren't easy, but then it wasn't so bad when we look back. I entered the Super Affiliate Challenge this year using my existing site. i wanted to get it straightened out.The first task, I was given by Kyle was to change my free theme, and start SAC with a new Theme. I chose the GeneratePress Premium theme. I really liked the nice clean look, because it was quite an improvement. however, my excitment faded as I looked around and saw a lot of stuff was moved or missing.The fr
I opened my email the other day and saw this email. I clicked on the attachment and saw that is was asking too much personal information. I sent the letter to PayPal and reported it as a scam. Be careful Folks....I almost fell for it!Dear PayPal account holder PayPal is constantly working to ensure security by regularly screening the accounts in our system. We have recently determined that different computers have tried logging into your PayPal account, and multiple password failures were prese
September 30, 2015
I finally got not one but two recruits in less than a week! After being here since May, it feels pretty darn good to see some results.I admit I may not work as hard as some here at Wealthy Affiliates,and do need to put more work into my websites.But it is hard work none the less, and it is a nice feeling to see it finally get a tiny result!It is also a great motivator, when you get results, even if they are just one baby step. But one baby step it is, and if I get a couple more baby steps, the