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Last Update: November 10, 2017

I am surprised and excited. I checked my ranking in Jaaxy after having a live chat conversation about it and found a great surprise. One of my pages on my new blog hit the first position in google! The other pages are still unranked but that's ok for now. This has never happened and has given me hope in my darkest hours. I feel that my blog is my golden egg and this affirms it. Hard work pays off.

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TTedesco1 Premium
Great...One step at a time...to climb the highest mountain....
bpais1 Premium
Yeah, Candice! That is so phenomenal!

Just out of curiosity, what was the keyword combination that awarded you the coveted #1 position?

1VibrantLife Premium
There was supposed to be a photo. Everywhere has Signs is the title that won me first place.
Kyle Premium
Awesome, congrats on your #1 overall ranking. Not every page you create will hit number 1, but with time they will continue to climb up the SERP's and you will continue to strike gold with many keywords.
1VibrantLife Premium
Thank you Kyle.
HalimNajm Premium
Belden Premium
Congratulations! Well done.