First sale

Last Update: July 19, 2018

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share my first tiny success. Although this sale was completely random and not from steady traffic it still counts. I suspect that it was someone from WA community. Reader has actually purchased a product I am promoting, even though it was a different brand of the same product.

For me its just another proof that it works and I can scale it and make it a successful authority website.

Currently the website is 5 months old (publishing started a month later so 4 months old) and there is no organic traffic at all apart from random visits (probably WA again). However, I have changed the content strategy and now I am going to research and write articles based on the KGR model as @DomW has been writing on his blog.

So keep doing what you doing and dont look on any results for the first 12 months.

My journey is even harder as English is not my native language so, you cannot have any excuse at all as you are already 50% ahead of me.

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andresh Premium
Congratulations! I'm so glad for you. Keep working hard!
Neb4412 Premium
Hey that's great news well done on getting your first sale.

xingh Premium
This is great, congratulations!
Loes Premium
Congrats on your first sale, cheers!
Zenicek Premium
Thank you :) As Dom was saying the first sale is the first sale and you will never have another first sale. So go and spend that money, in my case it will be pizza :D
Loes Premium
Bon Appetit!
DSweat1 Premium
Congratulations! If you can make one sale, you can make 100. :)

Best of success moving forward!