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Hello everyone,As you can see on the featured image, I have selected stones. Why? Simply because each stone represents certain achieved milestone. Big pile of stones will form a mountain over time which is exactly what we want.In this post I would love to share some of my stones that I was able to put on the current stock.TrafficWhat makes me happy about this milestone is that I was able to reach 100+ people a day organically for two days in a row. First time I have reached this number was in A
Hello everyone,Very short post today. I have been going on for weeks and weeks and weeks now. The hosting is constantly crashing, every time I message SiteSupport they resolve it temporarily, however, the issue is back in a couple of days.I have asked them to change server, and crash again today. My website was out for nearly three hours. How do we suppose to grow our business if the most important thing is not working?I mean without a stable and fast hosting, there is no point in training, con
Hello everyone,This is going to be a quick update.$100 Per MonthAs of May I have earned over a $100 and I have still some pending orders coming in. This progress was mainly due to one sold product which has resulted in $50 commission for me and couple of other big commissions.The average traffic is still around 50-70 people a day and bouncing.Finished My University DegreeThis month I have also successfully finished my University degree, which means I am again fully capable of working on my webs
Hello everyone,It has been a couple of months since I posted here in WA.Now, despite the fact I haven't done much work on the website I have still managed to reach some cool milestones that predict that this website is going to be truly successful in a next few years.So what has happened with my website?#1First of all on the April 17th I have reached a beautiful milestone of 100+ people per day.To give you the perspective, in the middle of March I was grateful of having 30-40 people a day and o
February 21, 2019
Hey there everyone,Another day, another post!You probably think right now something like this:Are you out of your mind? What do you mean, am I eating my content?Okay okay, let me explain myself first!Of course, I didn't mean it literally that you are sat there in front of your desk and chewing the paper with printed content on it. It would be such a non-sense right?What I mean is, the way of how we need to start creating our content.As we all know it is getting harder and harder to start seeing
Hi everyone,Recently I have published a post about me being hit by Google algorithm update. Well, after some investigation I have come up with the possible reason for this and that I might have been wrong with GoogleSince about the same time, around 15th Jan, I have noticed extreme amount of 404 pages in console that look as follows.mywebsite[dot]com/search?q=상주출장마사지%EF%BB%BF[카톡%3A+Mo46]《Xo799.c0M》외ᅗ
So, here is the thing.Apparently Google has released a new update last weekend.The bad thing is:I got hit!I was seeing such a big progres since beginning of Jan as of this week, the traffic has significantly dropped.You can read more about the update here!Since this is a first time for me i would like to get some advice from more experienced people about next steps I should make.Hopefully tips you provide help others as well as me.Thanks so much!
January 10, 2019
So, it has been 12 months since I have joined WA.Now:I am not going to talk about dollars because the fact is I have not earned enough to pay for my membership.The good thing is tho, that I was paying monthly up until August, and then I have decided to switch for annual membership. Basically, I have another 8 months to earn for another year.So, let's talk about the progress with websites!I have started a website in the health niche. This is a specific problem I have and I though it might be int
January 08, 2019
Here is the thing!I have woke up today and went to my dentist.I guess it is not one of those things you would enjoy, and she had found some issues so it certainly wasn't pleasant either!However, what was pleasant, when I have logged into my associates account and seen a HUUUUUGE commision on Canada Amazon!Just imagine that! I have just sold ONE item, ONE I am recommending! And got $51.55 commission on it.Creating value for readers certainly pays off! Really good feeling putting all the work.Bef
November 19, 2018
Hi there,In July I have published a post with my first sale!Well, to be honest at the time I didn't receive any organic traffic at all and the sale I have made was quite random. I guess it was the WA member sale tbf.What happened after?After that sale, I didn't get any other sale and my account has been cancelled due to inactivity.At the time I absolutely didn't receive any traffic and only in August when I finished my internship, I finally had a lot of time to work on the website.Things have p