First Page, Ranked 2 on Google in 3 Minutes .

Last Update: October 07, 2019

Hey guys and gals,

Last night I watched (again) one of Jay's recorded webinars: and followed exactly what he said while completing my last article for my website.

Out of interest, I immediately checked the results and to my surprise (not that ever doubted Jay's words) 3 minutes later this blog post was on page 1, second spot of Google for my keyword, and above some really "big boys".

Thanks Jay, and I hope that this will encourage members who are struggling with ranking to watch this recording ... and apply!

Best wishes,


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JKulk1 Premium
That's one of Jay's I've missed, I will have a look now. Jim
NeilBrown Premium
LNamadhila Premium
Congratulations! I am struggling with ranking right now. I will check it out too.
StPaul Premium
Congrats and happy for you!
Claudiojuan Premium
Congratulations John!