A thought for the helpless creatures

Last Update: January 04, 2016

January 5th 2016 – Tevet 24th 5776

In the US it is National Bird Day – not to be confused with Birth Day. On the web you can find more info on http://www.nationalbirdday.com/index.php ; a spin off from http://www.bornfreeusa.org/

Birds as well as other animals fall all pray to homo sapiens sapiens. Man is the greatest danger to worlds wildlife. In his quest to obtain a ‘better’ living, he will destroy everything that comes in it’s way.

Many species are already extinguished, and even more are listed as very rare.

Although this is a national event, I would like to promote a worldwide awareness attitude. Sometimes it is simply not enough to think about it, taking action in words to shake people up and awake to the problem is necessary.

Take a Bird’s eye view of the world, look at the full picture once in a while instead of focussing on details all the time.

I am reluctant to say so, but the world as it is now, is a mess. When we don’t take a step back in ‘over-consuming’, I don’t know where it will end. There are already vast areas in the world were survival for the birds are very hard if not impossible. A popular theme at this time is: Less is more … going back to the basics of life. Enjoying the simple things, the sunshine, simple food.

We don’t NEED big cars to survive, a walk through a forest or in a field can be more satisfying. At these times you can stop the surrounding noises by listening conscient to a bird song.

And for WA:

Take a birds eye view on your work once in a while. Stop focusing on details all the time, Make a step back, and take a look at the full picture (overview) of your business. By looking at the strong and the weak points of your work, you can improve the minor points into something stronger while getting an overall better website.

Take time off once in a while, let nature fill you up with new energy, so that you can build your business with new stamina the next day.

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SamiWilliams Premium
A reminder that we are not the only ones out there is always a blessing.
Thank you, Sami
KatieMac Premium
It is true we are losing too much of our wonderful wildlife I live near a bird reservation and support it to. we do need to look at our work and life to achieve a balance
AlexEvans Premium
Really like your sentiments Yonah, thank you for sharing with us. We can get boged down and not see the forest for the trees.
chengckalex Premium
Your words express feelings in many people's heart. I've started to change my daily life by adding more exercise. What I'm doing now is doing less commuting and more walking everyday. It helps my health and I think if more people doing so, will help the environment as a whole.
BarryJ Premium
I didn't know we had a National Bird Day. When did this start?
Yonah Premium
You can find all the details on the site of www.nationalbirdday.com this year it is the 14th edition.