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I setup MailChimp with both my niche site and affiliate site and hooked it up with the SumoMe plugin to capture emails from a pop up. I REALLY recommend you installing the SumoMe plugin. It also has a great social sharing feature that allows visitors to quickly share your site via their various social media outlets.

Anyway, all this while I thought I wasn't getting any signups because I never got any email notifications. Yesterday I decided to log in just to see and to my surprise I had 14 emails on my Earthquake Preparedness niche site and 10 emails on my affiliate site!

Autoresponder for Free Account?

I'm new to the whole newsletter thing so I'm not sure where to start. Ideally I would like an autoresponder to be sent out to people who subscribe, thanking them for subscribing and giving them a short blurb about what they'll be getting but I don't see anything for that as I'm on a free MailChimp account. Do they have autoresponders for free accounts? If so, how do I set one up?


I would also like to setup some campaigns and looks like they have some instructions on how to get things setup which I will follow.

Just not sure what should be in those campaigns and wondered if those of you who have experience with email campaigns can give me some suggestions. I don't want to keep spamming them with information so I want to space it out. As for content, do you send notifications every time you post a new blog? Do I just add it to the campaign or do you somehow to a one-off email blast? Am I able to create multiple campaigns on a free account or would I have to upgrade?

I will definitely be creating a campaign but just not sure what should be in it. Some direction or advice would be very helpful as I'm still learning. I'm sure others will benefit from your responses as well.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for this blog I had the same questions - interesting answers and very informative too I will be taking some of the comments and implementing them

I think it would be a good idea if I update my post with answers after I get a few more answers from the comments.

Great post and very helpful information. Thank you.


Thanks Wayne! Hopefully I'll be able to update the post once I get some answers

Use Aweber, $19.00 a month

Was planning on starting out with a free one since I only have a handful of subscribers and not much traffic yet. Perhaps I'll use a paid account when I start to get some real traffic.

I think Aweber has a free month trial!!

Oh really? I'll check it out. Thanks!

I would advise against using MailChimp if you are promoting make money online products. They don't like that. It's fine for other niches, but not the make money online niche.

Oh really? Would they close your account?
What service do you use?

I use Aweber. That's the one recommended by Kyle.

Ahh ok I'll check it out. Thanks!

It's free for the first month, then $19 per month after that. But it is considered the industry standard among internet marketers. Most of the top internet marketers use Aweber.

I'm very new to all this and still building my website so i don't have much to say. answers to your question is definitely help me with some ideas for my website. Thank you guys you all are amazing!!!

Yeah, I'm sure the great community can provide us with answers that will help everyone. Will update this post when I get some answers

You can have 2 autoresponder mails on Mailchimp free account. Welcome email, I think it is called and quite easy to set up. Go to the list and then autoresponders and they tell you what to do!
Good luck!

PS. When you have the list then you create campaigns and chose this list to send the emails to......

Great! I will look into that. Thanks for your help

Much appreciated.

You're welcome. Hopefully others will provide the answers we need

I am totally new in online marketing. Just started on affiliate marketing in late June this year. Still moving very slow.
I really appreciate your blog as the answers to your questions here will definitely help me to progress in creating my website.

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences here. Hope to get people to visit my site n leave me comments there too...

Yeah, same here. I'm pretty new to online marketing as well so still learning as I go. The community here is amazing so I'm sure we'll get a lot of great answers.

Hi Andy,
You're gameplan is spot on. Now, to your main question - "what should be in those campaigns ...."

This simply depends on what you're wishing to accomplish with this critical email series. Are you promoting an ebook? Are you promoting WA? Are you promoting another affiliate product?

The email series should do a couple of things for you. Introduce yourself and captivate your readers. Build a foundation of authority and trust. Deliver some tidbits of information not found on your website. Create a sale.

To those ends, you'll create your email series to cultivate your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Thanks PJ!
Well for my earthquake preparedness niche site I don't really have anything to promote other than my blog posts. Within some blog posts I do have some Amazon links but that's about it. Just not sure what the best way to go about the campaign is as I don't want to be shoving them a bunch of affiliate links and not sure whether each blog post should be an email in the campaign or should those just be email blasts only sent once when I publish the article.

Same goes with my affiliate site. I am promoting WA but not sure how the campaigns should be because I don't want to be shoving them only WA stuff and be annoying. Do you have any samples you can PM with so I can get an idea of how to get things going?

Well, you can go to my main website and under any article signup for my autoresponder and you'll get those examples for WA promotion.

For your earthquake preparedness website, I would think about it like this.....

Create an ebook about earthquakes. Think in terms of 7 to 15 pages - create an outline for this ebook. Create a cover graphic.

This is what you will promote to folks when they visit your website. You'll split this document into an email series. Use the outline for your email subject lines. But, your signup page will BE this ebook - delivered via email, for free.

Thereby, you get their email address, you're delivering useful information (not affiliate links) and educating your readers. This gains trust, shows you as an expert (authority) and also allows you to send out a broadcast (not one of the timed emails) about new posts to your blog.

Make sense?

So I'll be providing the ebook right when they sign up and I'll also be sending the various sections in the ebook as an email series as well? Is that repetitive or is the email content stuff that's not in the ebook?

Oh no..... You'll be providing the ebook in segments - one email at a time!

Ahh I see, my misunderstanding. That makes more sense.
Thanks for clarifying!
I also signed up for your autoresponder so I'll see how you've structured things. Thanks for your help!

Basically Nam, you need to set up a campaign, the first email is basically a thank you subscribing, etc, tell them what they will be getting in the next few emails, set the first one up to 0 so as soon as their optin, they are sent the first one.. Then ever second or third day, you send out an email with info, , maybe you will have to prepare before hand, then when you do a blog post , send an email to all of your list sending them to your site.. I can send you a few examples via pm tomorrow .. Bea

Sorry forgot to mention, by default a confirmation . Email is sent for confirming their permission to send ... The link is sent to them for them to click on and confirm, that's called a double optin, you can choose to send a video version, or text, should be there when your setting up .. I personally never did double optin, but the people who do double optin, you know they are serious about what you have to offer...

Thanks Bea! The examples will be greatly appreciated!
I can use them as reference to build my campaigns

Yes it will give you an idea ...

Ahh, good to know! Thanks!

Trust is the most important of all let get to know you first, I don't sell anything to them till after a month or so, and I don't sell, but recommend ... Get them prepared for the book your writing lol...

Yes, I agree. It's annoying when you sign up for things and they continually blast you with promotions right away

this is really great info. I wonder if you would mind sending me some examples too. I seem to be hitting a brick wall at the moment, I have set up an opt in page but no thank you email and am unclear on how to do this.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you

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