Work at Home and Global Warming

Last Update: August 31, 2014

This week among the blogs at WA we had Work at Home and Global Warming.

The two go perfectly together as when we work at home we reduce our carbon Footprint. The Carbon footprint is more or less the Carbon Dioxide emissions produce by each person through his daily energy intensive activities. Like electricity consumption Fuel burnt during travelling back and forth from our office and others.

The average annual carbon footprint varies with each country. In the US in 2009 it was reported to be about 17.2 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide per person.

If more people work from home we would not need to go to our office by car every single day. In this way we save money but also reduce our daily fuel consumption and therefore Carbon Dioxide emissions, and we would be contributing to protect mother earth from heating up.

If we want to protect mother earth from heating up we need to understand that each and every one of us needs to reduce his carbon footprint.

Work from Home would surely contribute a lot.

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Stonefox Premium
Excellent post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Best regards.
cookma54 Premium
Works fir ME! M
boshemx Premium
Very good point.
I am trying to convince my partner to work from home. As she works in IT she could do it easily, trying to convince her boss on the other hand is the difficult part.
grances Premium
Great information!
keldubry Premium
I agree. Good information.