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September 14, 2014
Every time we buy something we go through a series of steps. We buy to satisfy a need or to solve a problem. How do I decide which product or service to buy and where to buy it from? Understanding how people come to a decision helps businesses match their marketing and promotional activities to each part of the decision making process. The following are typical stages in the decision making process. Step 1: ATTENTION - Marketing brings products or services to our attention.. We must
This week among the blogs at WA we had Work at Home and Global Warming. The two go perfectly together as when we work at home we reduce our carbon Footprint. The Carbon footprint is more or less the Carbon Dioxide emissions produce by each person through his daily energy intensive activities. Like electricity consumption Fuel burnt during travelling back and forth from our office and others. The average annual carbon footprint varies with each country. In the US in 2009 it was reported to be
7 Steps to Become a Perfect stay- at- Home Entrepreneur Your kitchen counter may be the most cost-effective business hub in the entire world. There are numerous benefits to being an entrepreneur who works from home, along with an equal amount of challenges Even if your home office is a just a $50 desk in the corner of your bedroom, adding the word ‘office’ makes quite a difference as to how others perceive what you do when describing where you work. Since some people may look down at worki
August 27, 2014
I think It's time to have a short break, know what listen to some classical music like: ALMA DEL CORE sung by Beniamino Gigli. Just listen to the music and say whether it is heavenly..majestic? No words can describe it!
August 25, 2014
After a whole year running around I tested may different platforms falling on many scams and joining different programs with no success. Two months ago I started attending the Wealthy Affiliate Classes and upgraded to premium. Actually I joined WA about a year ago but did nothing about it. I am setting up two sites one is: and the other is: I am still working on the sits but they seem to be almost ready. I would appreciate if I can