Wealthy Affiliate Or Not? That is the Question.

Last Update: Apr 17, 2013


Are you interested in working online from the comforts of your home?... Why should you join the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Really, why should you even stop by and check it out.

Hmmm,....Why Should You Join This Program

Here are the reasons NOT to join this program.

1.Training, You can be in charge of your own training by golly! searching the web seeking who you want listen too.
Only to find the real advice is going to cost you. and now, a whole day wasted, UGGG. (sometimes weeks)

2. Tools, Again you can search for the tools you need software and advice. Again at the end of the day, who do you listen to? (you are so confused)

3. Support, Why use the support of many people that have done this and are offering free advice, when I can google everything I need. well maybe. You don’t understand how can there be so much information but no real clear answers. Hmmm unless I just pay.

4. Website Building, I can build website....well I can learn (searching the web again?)

5. Hosting, well I can pay....well I can... it is not much

6. Community, Who needs a community of people doing the same who are there for you 24/7 well...

Now do you want to hear why you should join Wealthy affiliates.

1.The training, is awesome. You are trained to make a website promoting a great place like wealthy affiliate. And you will also be trained to build a site that promotes your niche.The training also helps you to add affiliate items to sell. And if local marketing is where you would rather invest your time, you will find help in this area too.

2.The tools, Your tools for the training are here. There is step by step training with check off lists that are provided for you. Your website can be managed from here. Your documents you need to write can be written and stored here. A great site is available to you that helps you find the best keywords. Again so that your site will have a chance to succeed. And for free you are given a list of a100 keywords a week.

3. Domains and hosting, With the free membership you recieve an free web site and the hosting, Unlimited amount of domains come are part of your Premium membership, And again with all the tools to create them. While you are here the program will help you make a website In 60 sec.

4. Support, You have support from the authors of the university and many members with years of experience and success. They are all here to help. There will be times when something comes up that you need this help. One way to get the help is in the chat room where the knowledgeable men and women 24/7 are there for the help.

7.Webinars, Now if you learn better watching on video, They also have videos. You will have the opportunity to watch them live with a question and answers segment after or there is a library of taped video trainings.

6. Community, And to the best part of all I think it is the community. I can say with all my heart there will be real people that, you will bond with that understand you. there are different levels of understanding of the business here as well as different personality types. personality types that get you. It is easy to find you have something in common with many.

Bottom line if you are out on the fence and worried about what you should do after the facts have been laid for you.

I say come try it... you will like it..... You have the freedom to become a member at no cost, they don’t even secure your credit card. they basically let you test drive the program.

I think that you will see.The people are real and truly welcome you and want to see you succeed.

I say it again many benefits come with the FREE membership and many more come with the premium membership....whichever you decide stop by so I can follow your success.


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Very nice Kymee! I especially like the way you explained all of the benefits instead of just listing features! Way to go! :)

Good Article!

Thank you

Good stuff Kymee, I can't argue with that!!!

I'm sure I left out some good stuff, but... thank you
I am ready to put those links in, do you think we ca do it on friday.

I also added your photo don't know if you have seen it yet, thanks for it.

Hey there Kymee.... I'll PM ya' right now!

Great job! I've got to say if I wasn't already a member here, I'd be joining after reading this!

Thank you so much. I glad you are.

I like the way you compare the pros and cons well done.

Thank you so much.

Know I am more confident about WA, thanks for thge information....

Great I am so glad I could help. please ask if you need anything else

Sounds good. Concise and says what it's meant to say, easy to understand, and no it's not too long, I think a summary is much better than a book explaining every detail, who has time for all that, even if you are looking for something. I know when info goes on and on, I end up saving it to read later, then forget about it altogether. This is just enough to tell them about it all, they'll get the rest when they join. Good job, I'd join from this.

Your just saying that cause your my bud!!!! thanks bud
Have a great day. can't wait to see your progress I was reading your email when you where writing this.
Enjoy your day and the snow ;O)

Thanks, but really, it's very good, and I WOULD join from this, it really says what you need to make you want more. Also, you should know, I find it literally impossible to lie, a blessing, and a fault, so I wouldn't say it if I didn't truly believe it. Keep it up. Oooh, it's really snowing now, gonna go get some coffee and watch it come down.

Great summary of the program. Good writing skills.

Thank you so much. ;O)

Nice job.

really you think,.... I seen your writing and it is great,

Yes, you did a great job on this :)

Thank you and really thank you....

Wow now my next step in my training, Sorry if it is too long ;O)

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