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August 07, 2013
OK I know it has been awhile since I have written a blog. With all the people that love to write here, LOL I feel like a ugly duckling amongst the beautiful swans. So I thought that this would be great to share for all those that work so hard Hope you enjoy ; O) Happy Humpday Keep up the great work. love you all. God bless Kymee (don't need to comment just smile or laugh hit like and move on, to the rest of your day)
Happy Fathers Day to all those fathers out there.Coming from a mom which: does not have an easy job I know that being a father is different and not any easier and just as Important.But it is the most important job that you have much more than the IM business. AndI also know that it can be the most rewarding too, more than the IM businessNo pressure. Right! Some men have had the best example and some haven’t, but you can use either of those and become the best. For those that believe that
May 23, 2013
I Wanted to make some money from home, Being over fifty, getting a job is not easy in this economy and I want to be available for my children, if ever they needed me to help with their children I could be there. Some of my children live a plane ride from me, so I needed to have a job where I could afford that plane trip and the chance to help those children also. Great have those friends So I had a friend tell me about this new program: called Wealthy Affiliates, where you can go online at y
A body needs it's blood to give it lifeA car uses oil for its life ( not really sure about this one)But I think that you get the pointReading comments and blogs was something that I did not do I guess I just did not have the patient for it.In the four months that I have been here at WA I read blog after blog and comments to them just trying to learn form these fellow members and see hows it is going for themNow reflectiing on this I realize that these blogs are really the life Blood of this
Are you interested in working online from the comforts of your home?... Why should you join the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Really, why should you even stop by and check it out.Hmmm,....Why Should You Join This ProgramHere are the reasons NOT to join this program.1.Training, You can be in charge of your own training by golly! searching the web seeking who you want listen too.Only to find the real advice is going to cost you. and now, a whole day wasted, UGGG. (sometimes weeks)2. Tools, Again y
A Chance to Meet in Person Or Close to it. Hangouts are awesome.This new option and so many things that google and the world of technology offers is impressive.Due to technology, not only can we write to someone or anyone. They may be right next to you, or it could be they live on the other side of the world from you. They can instantly receive your note. Just as instantly you can return it giving you this opportunity to speak, Wow is that cool or what. I have been around awhile, I remember wh
April 04, 2013
Breast cancer really... she is only 30 yrs old. This is the news that we received around two months ago about the mother of my grand babies and the wife of my oldest son. This on top of already living with a very severe autoimmune disease since she was 18 she and my son have been married coming up eleven years. Many things have happened since then. Two beautiful children and, many times in the hospital due to her disease. Not sure what I was going to do.After losing my job and while looking for
Ok I am on the couch working away at my website, I get a news flash on my computer.My heart jumps with just a little panic, It was my important reminder that my webinar was going to start, you see I was right in the middle of something, wasn't sure what would happen if I left it. I am really anxious because I don't want to miss this webinar ( "I know it is taped") but really, I didn't think of that. My only thought was, I don't want to miss this.Reluctantly I stop what I am doin
March 20, 2013
Does any one know anything about the Google Hang out it looks cool.....I was wondering if we could use it and do it here at WA maybe some members can get together with a member who wouldn't mind helping a few newbies. I little question and answer training maybeJust a thought, Throwing is out thereKymee
March 16, 2013
SOMETIMES!!!! ok I wrote this blog went to copy it to share it to all of you great people andGone, My husband "didn't you save it"? Well....NOOOOO!!!Anyway I have to rewrite it,,,, maybe it will be better the second time, I think I said that two someone out there, now it is come to haunt me,SO stayed tuned ( betcha can't wait Huuhhh) God BlessHere was my scripture for today!!!!! Just realized every time I sit to write one thing something else come out.....Must be a God thingThen you w