The Ladder of Achievement

Last Update: Mar 27, 2014


100%~I Did and am

90%~ I Will

80%~I Can

70%~I think I can

60%~I Might

50%~I think I might

40%~What is it?

30%~I wish I could

20%~I don't know how

10%~I can't

0%~ I won't


Goals are expectations that we make of ourselves in order to reach a level of achievement. When we set goals, we set expectations of ourselves. When we experience the rewards of achievement it raises our expectations of ourselves. In turn, the gratification raises our confidence enough to move us toward our next step and that much closer to our ultimate achievement.


Each step valuable in the overall process of learning and understanding. When we know and understand the process completely we are then confident enough to express our opinion of it, promote it, and teachers others it's values and benefits.


Be sure to set goals that are realistic and achievable given you strengths, abilities and tools.Don't set yourself up for failure by getting overwhelmed and discouraged by trying to do too much too soon.

There is a knowledgeable network of seasoned teachers and leaders offering support and valuable tips to help towards success online affiliate networking and marketing.


There is a process and cost to achievement. It does not come freely and it requires an agenda, a set of goals and a concerted effort! Learn the process to the point that it becomes easy and known inside n' out. It becomes natural and comfortable.

in turn, you will feel confident and strong enough to take that next step up the ladder of achievement.


The more we invest into something...whether it be time, money, emotions or good old blood, sweat and tears....the more value it has to us. We nurture it, protect it, and dedicate ourselves to it. Therefore improving our own value of self. Creating a surety and confidence that enables and empowers us to step up to the next step. Lifting ourselves to new potentials of growth and achievements.

Climb wisely and make your effort worth it.

Achievements come in a variety of sorts

These are some achievements that I have set out for myself here at Wealthy Affiliates.

Small....make a new friend everyday on the Wealthy Affiliates network my own 30 second website using WordPress in Getting Started tab.

Easy.....getting answers from seasoned pros and industry leaders on Wealthy Affiliate network.

Challenging....asking questions or for assistance.

Uplifting....getting that answer and assistance I need from genuine people. year. infinity and beyond.

Rewarding.....launch my own website with personable, engaging, valuable and unique content.

Inspiring....To share in the successes of everyone here at Wealth Affiliates.

So I ask you, my Wealth Affiliate community....


Sunshiny Smiles


Recent Comments



I really like the way that you have broken this down for yourself and I am glad that you shared it as I think it is a great concept for others to emulate.

One of the things that I have learned here at WA and something that I think is a vital part of the process, is to get yourself into the right mindset. I have made several posts about this on my WA promotion site and will continue to do so due to it's importance.

Thanks for sharing and Best of luck to you here. Keep working it!

p.s. don't forget to reply to the comments themselves so that the commenter gets a notification of your reply.

Thankyou....I have many ideas and am really trying fine tune my content so that it flows and still sounds genuine. I am a motivator and salesman by nature so I know it will all come together if I keep my mind set straight and focused. Thanks again and enjoy your day. Sunshiny smiles.

Just remember the Golden Rule when it comes to your content. Treat it the way you would want to see things and the way you would want to be treated when you are surfing.

Thank you, Andy....I am really having fun with this. Enjoy your day today! Sunshiny smiles

Liking the fact that you have effectively tied the pay off into the target- that way we can search for the feeling/reward and anticipate it while we are getting busy- neat trick ! Andy

BTW bite-sized chunks are good, this is manageable...hmmmm

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