Stage III Cancer - Need Some Help

Last Update: Aug 20, 2018

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It's been a rough few days. My aunt is not doing well, and I found out that my dear cousin has stage 3 cancer, so I'm making an emergency 1500 mile roadtrip next weekend with my son to go for a visit.

I Need Some Ideas

I need ideas for a care package for someone going through chemo. I was thinking of fuzzy foot socks, lip balm, moisturizers... If you have some good ideas, please put them in the comments below.

The stress seems to be thrusting me into a fibromyalgia flare, which means lots of pain. I've started stepping down my dosage of Cymbalta, which leaves me feeling shaky and jittery, so that's not helping.

I'm trying to get my act together for this road trip, which will be challenging. It's over 750 miles each way, and the whole trip will be only three days, so there won't be a lot of time to stop and leisurely stretch along the way.

On top of it, this highly vicious and demonic little monster, named Alfred, (yeah, he's cute, isn't he?) chewed up the hooks on my bra. /sigh I have to drive into the cities and go shopping.

Thanks, Alfred.

With all of this going on, I'm having difficulty coming up with a post idea for my site, that needs to be done before I leave. It's going to be a long week.

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Wish you the best. Have a safe trip and hopefully everything works out and your family members do better very soon.
I know it's a tough battle but may they get the strength that they need to go through the fighting process.

Thank you.

Not sure how to reply to this, be very careful with your driving nd follow Marion's advice, as regards the WA blog, forget it until you return,, your family must come first at this very sad time.
God Bless

Thanks, Stuart

You are very welcome.

I've done quite a few road trips here in Australia and one of the most important things to remember is to stop and get out of the car for a few minutes (or a coffee) at least every 3 hours.

It's good advice, and my bladder usually makes me follow it, whether I want to or not. ;)

It looks like the people below have got you covered for ideas.

Rest when you can (I know this will be difficult) but you don't want to get really ill as well.

Love to Alfred who looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth!

Thinking of you and all your family.

Best Wishes

Yeah, Alfred is a stinker, lol. Thanks, Hazel.

When I was in a hospital after a major 'overhaul' , I was lifted up by the mere presence of friends and family. Gifts are nice but I would rather see faces of folks I love and care about. : )

So driving 1500 miles to show your face to the sick family member will be a lot. Adding a gift is okay of course.

Prayers are powerful. Add prayers to your activities as I am sure you are doing.

Take care Laurie.


Thanks, Joe.

Your Alfred is such a talented little guy! Sorry you have someone doing chemo. Peppermint oil is an essential oil that may be helpful for your cousin who's doing chemo. However, there can be times during chemo when patients cannot stand the smell of anything, including food. So you might find out if any smells bother your cousin at this stage in the chemo process. Many people going thru chemo have a lot of nausea. Since Peppermint oil is good for motion sickness and nausea, some chemo patients have found it very refreshing and helpful. I personally love peppermint oil and never leave home w/o it b/c of all of it's uses.

The link below will give a bunch of uses for peppermint oil. (No, it's not any kind of an affiliate link). :)

Safe and peaceful travels to you!

Thanks. It might be good to include in her chemo bag.

This is awesome.

Oooh... Thanks for researching that for me. There are some good ideas there.

So sorry about your family members illness, And having done hospice for over 40 yrs, I would recommend
lemon drops to help with nausea
lip gloss
skid proof socks
her favorite food or snacks
jello packs
yogurt cups
maybe magazines or a book
a bottle water
a bottle of tea
hand sanitizers in small containers
a couple pieces fruit
packs of crackers
hope it inspires you,

Wow! What an excellent list. I'll bring it with me while I go shopping today. Thank you. :)

You are most welcome

Take a break and don't worry about the site!!!

You have too much going on right now. It will be here when you get back. Focus your attention on what is important - the big trip ahead, your health and your family.

Prepare yourself for the journey and look after yourself. Maybe make us some sandwiches and refreshments so that your stops can be brief but valuable.

Reading material, deck of cards, toothbrush and paste are always good to include in a care package.

Drive carefully, try to get some time to relax before you leave.

All the best to you and your family!!

Oooh... cards are a good idea. I should find some with some sexy guys on them, (She's single) to make her laugh.

Your site will still continue without a post for this week. Given everything else, make that the absolute last item on your to-do list.

When my Mom as going through chemo, she enjoyed milk shakes. Usually they don't want to eat, so don't be upset if everything is rejected. If you can bring a vase, get pretty flowers - it's something full of life and color to look at. Not roses - they don't last - but a bouquet with lots of color.

Hang in there - it's a difficult time for sure. You may get a chance to write your post while sitting in their room when they sleep after a treatment. Sadly, I got a lot of work done then.

God Bless.

Maybe a gift certificate for dairy queen that her sister can use to get her milk shakes... That's an awesome idea! Thanks!

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