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Last Update: October 20, 2018

The necessity of Tools

I know I lost a few of you with my last post about computer operating systems so maybe I can redeem myself with a blog on tools (another interest of mine).

My tiny workshop

is packed to the gills with more tools than any man could ever want or use. My wife claims it is a nasty obsession rather than a useful hobby. But this domestic conflict started me thinking about tools in general and how are lives are controlled to a great extent by tools.

Tools come in may forms

....from the obvious like physical tools those used in woodworking , auto mechanic shops or our kitchens all the way to manufacturing facilities then on to less obvious mental and psychological tools. Language is a tool and we wield it every day of our lives. We use tools to survive and to make our lives more comfortable. Some we use as weapons to do harm or to defend.

We at WA use lots of tools

to help us get information across the digital divide to interested people on the other side of the "wire". We marketing folks are tools for those searching the Web for physical things or direction or information or in some cases just plain companionship. As paid guides in the web world we have a responsibility to ensure that our readers or watchers take advantage of these wonderful tools. At WA our obligation is to responsibly shepard our readers toward things or information they come to us to help them locate. We are not so much carnival hawkers, or door to door salesman as we are librarians entrusted to provide assurance and guidance to all who search. That we take a small profit while doing this shouln't conflict with our real mission. Once trust in our guidance is secured we become valued advisors and our effort will prosper mightily.

Wow started tofeel like a minister or novelist... time to put on a bulbous red rubber nose and give the kids a piggy-back-ride......

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davehayes Premium
Excellent post with good information shared, thanks
newmarketpro Premium
I loved reading your witty-make-all-sense post John.
You're right, as an affiliate marketer we are the agent who suppose to bring the right and useful information to the general public. Earning commission will come as a by product.
Thank you for sharing.