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It's always bothered me that we use the word "CONTENT" to imply something useful. There's no explicit value to content, you could easily substitute the word "FILLER" it has as much value as content. If we intend to add useful or even just interesting substance to our posts it seems to me that it devalues the material or information we create in our post by calling it "content" (i.e. filler). My take on this subject is that a cultural custom has developed over time which dictated the terminology
Google just released an activity card feature in the google search window. It allows for the creation of seach history cards and categories that can be saved right in the search windows.In a google search windows to the right you'll see tools pull down to advanced search. Take a Look, nice way to save your searches in card categoriesCheersBill
So the other day I went about listing several MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops on my Ebay account. No problem you say.....easy right ? Wrong, oh the listing was easy but the droves of Scammers and Crooks was impressive. Every false and fake offer was not only ridiculous but embarassingly so. A majority of these scammers were from Nigeria via FedX and UPS shipping stores in Miami. Using every technique imaginable they spoofed email addresses and ebay and paypal memberships (most initiated th
December 11, 2018
Fake Ebay and Paypal purchase offers......very clever but Fraud !!
October 20, 2018
The necessity of ToolsI know I lost a few of you with my last post about computer operating systems so maybe I can redeem myself with a blog on tools (another interest of mine). My tiny workshop is packed to the gills with more tools than any man could ever want or use. My wife claims it is a nasty obsession rather than a useful hobby. But this domestic conflict started me thinking about tools in general and how are lives are controlled to a great extent by tools.Tools come in may forms....fro
So Yah, after spending most of my life in IT operating systems and hardware I'm kept awake at night researching and writing.... sometimes building or rebuilding old and new computers. I know what you're thinking as your eyes glaze over,.... boring right. Not at all ! You're slapping keys right now on a computer I may have build and you certainly have feelings about how well or poorly it was produced don't you. So both the computer and the operating system are very familiar to you and you should
October 15, 2018
Finished all 5, so now on to review. So much to try and remember that review is essential.OK though since I need a break from content production and editing.
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Just another milestone.... like college and graduate school, once you finish you "aint" done. Its just the start of your real adventure. I'm trying to multi-task the learning curve by running three different training courses at the same time(not all in WA). Makes for some very interesting dilemmas. But total immersion is a viable course of action. Just hope its a recognizable and profitable outcome ! Dreaming in WordPress... not good.
Got indexed by Google and have good running shoes ready to go.... in the race at last. NOw to produce some exciting CONTENT !!
September 25, 2018
Finished first stage....still gung ho... noward and upward we go !!