Beware Ebay and Paypal Scammers !

Last Update: December 12, 2018

So the other day I went about listing several MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops on my Ebay account. No problem you say.....easy right ? Wrong, oh the listing was easy but the droves of Scammers and Crooks was impressive. Every false and fake offer was not only ridiculous but embarassingly so. A majority of these scammers were from Nigeria via FedX and UPS shipping stores in Miami. Using every technique imaginable they spoofed email addresses and ebay and paypal memberships (most initiated the same day as the offer.) Even to the point of sending false paypal accounting docs stating that funds had been deposited in my paypal account.

It's been a few years since I sold stuff on Ebay so I was shocked by how far this system along with paypal has fallen into the hands of blatant Crooks. Wow.

So I may be the last person to realize that this corruption has now infected what was once a very usable and reasonable method of buying and selling mechandise. Phishing, Spoofing, and other scams now are the order of the day in ebay. They even send out warnings when you receive and offer stating it may be a fraud. Its on you to protect yourself. Wow

My take on this is that Wealthy Affiliates now rises far above most marketing and community systems out on the internet tundra in regards to integrity and honesty. A refreshing beacon of commercial hope in an increasingly corrupt internet universe.

So a respectful warning to the WA community...........

One out of 19 ebay offers was legitimate !!

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JerryMcCoy Premium
We all have to keep an eye out for these fakers and let the community know. Thank you for the update.
TomyH Premium
I bought something from ebay a few years ago, a week later i got a call from my bank saying there was some suspicious activity going on with my Visa, They stopped the Payment to whoever, cancelled my card and issued me a new one, That is the last time i will deal with E bay
sminman7 Premium
Ebay has become very ineffective lately. I only use Amazon!
Michael Inman
ExpatMark Premium
Thanks for the heads-up. Never tried Ebay. Don't think I will.

Vickic3 Premium
Hi John and thanks for the heads up with this
Dirty scoundrels