Does Achievement Cause Laziness

Last Update: January 30, 2018

No! We are already lazy. Both achievement and laziness exist in us. Our job is to balance them, learning how to keep the lazy part of us from becoming our enemy and preventing us from achieving.

Learn to identify the lazy part of you. What are some of the signs of being too much of your lazy self? What can help you succeed in Wealthy Affiliate?


  • are unable to establish priorities correctly and stick to them: Make a list and check it off with the date you did it.
  • have fear of not doing it right before you even get started. There is usually some passion behind the thoughts and feelings that led to your topic selection. Use that passion and write, write, and write. Outline your work, presenting your thesis first—defining what you think the problem is. (Remember, you are supposed to be helping your readers.) Organize your solutions, making sure you have the appropriate links at hand and a good selection of images. Provide a nice summary to bring it all together.
  • lack efficiency at multitasking. Organization helps with this. Also, try to narrow the number of tasks down. If you have others in the household, reassign tasks. This prevents becoming overwhelmed.
  • have too many negative feelings. Remind yourself you can do it. That is what you did when you signed on.
  • have too many distractions, like the phone or someone in the area demanding attention. There is nothing wrong in telling people you need to get to work.
  • start feeling tired too early. You need a wakeup call. Try a walk. See my suggestion for this below.

Learn to accept the lazy part of you. It is there to stay and can serve you wisely. One way to use it is to practice short mindfulness exercises, two of which I have included. I am sure you have some also but forget to use them.

  1. Using a journal will prove invaluable for writing about those fears, problems, and other things that bother you. Identify them one by one and write about how you feel about each and how it is affecting your work. Just write and write until you have reached some clarity and possible solutions.
  2. Get up and walk slowly, being aware of each step you take. Breathe easily and coordinate your breaths—in and out—with your steps for a short period of time. A second walking exercise is to walk outdoors taking in all of nature, concentrating on every noise and its source for about 10 minutes.

Again, arrive at a healthy balance between achievement and laziness, using your laziness for necessary breaks. Arrange your schedule for entertainment and family time. These are necessary and will improve your outlook on your ability to achieve.

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Edi67 Premium
Well said Tanya and thanks for sharing. Much Blessings. Edi
WildflowerG Premium
Thanks for the comment, Edi, and the blessings!
MKearns Premium
Well said Tania. WA is the best energized staycation there is!
WildflowerG Premium
Thanks so much, Mike. I appreciate the thought and agree that one can definitely get energized on WA.
XavierPerez1 Premium
Cool article too. We all tend to do this at some point or another. Becoming lazy may also be a time to readjust the way you organize. Perhaps a vacation or staycation may be in order, nonetheless, taking time to realign yourself is an awesome technique for regrouping. Thank you.
WildflowerG Premium
And it is one we definitely deserve from time to time. Thanks for your comment, Xavier.
WildflowerG Premium
You are right. We call that resting on our laurels!
deanlilly1 Premium
Good piece, and you are very correct. Being Lazy comes really easy to some, but a little success can definitely lead to a faulty sense and thus being more Lazy can follow. I've seen it many times from clients I have.