$43,153 in just 5 days! HOAX!

Last Update: March 24, 2017

By golly I've been busy! I just made $43,153 in a couple of days without doing any work!

Over 2 days I earned $35,842 in affiliate payments from Omnia Investments and $7,311 in commission payments this week from Lazy Trader App.

Last week wasn't as good, I only got $6,133 from 'Guaranteed Money Systems'. Like I said I didn't need to do any work...at all! In fact I didn't even start an account, or read or write any reviews, or place any bets or listings. I did nothing!

Now before you race over to their websites to cut in on my profits...reread the headline here.

$ Blah, $ Blah, $ Blah...HOAX!

Of course it is a hoax, a scam, a stinky rotten phishing scheme! It is just the type of sleazy hype that gives internet marketing a bad name. And creates unrealistic expectations and therefore disappointment to aspiring and 'green' entrepreneurs.

My personal spam inbox has been loading up with these 'crazy money' emails ever since I gave my email to one person.

How did it happen?

I gave my email address to one person who was going to tell me his story. ..

He was sharing the details of "how to really make honest money online without selling to your family, without MLM schemes, without writing lots of content, without even doing any work." Classic con.

He didn't want any money, you didn't need any skills, everybody wins. Maybe, too good to be true.

I love/hate to investigate these claims and opportunities for my bootcamp site and I felt pretty sure this one was going to lead to yet another scam.

Although the guy seemed so friendly, so open about his life and family, so blase about his successful businesses, so wealthy and so sharing, so genuine...

It was his targeting methods that tipped me off. He was sniffing out the inexperienced, the frustrated and those who really believe there is a secret to easy and fast online success.

What did I get in exchange for my email address?

I got a letter elaborating on his life story and how is helping his unskilled family and friends make easy money. In my books what he offered is just another pyramid, an MLM, a networking system.

What I didn't really expect was the deluge and bombardment of spam email that I got. See below, These are just from this morning. They have been coming every day since I gave that email away.

My message to you?

Be on the alert comrades! Wolves in sheeps clothing are everywhere and in places you might think are protected from predators.

Stick close to your WA training people. That is what will get you where you want to be.

Don't let the sweet talkers sidetrack you to a load of rubbish.

What I really want to know is...did you have this same experience recently?

Go far and go well and go back to the training!


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amgolf Premium
That's S C A M.
Thank you for warning
MKearns Premium
I had a list of these a mile long in my spam folder Janelle. Just deleteable nuisance type!
JeffBoivin Premium
You got it right. Well wrote! Thanks for sharing !

Best Regards, ejff
FrankieTrill Premium
That was beautifully put. I once had a rack of emails like that I jus r go all the way to the bottom of the email and unsubscribe quickly and there gone that quick but most definitely good information Peace

Frankie Trillz
DClough Premium
just leave the new shiney stuff out there in the HOAX LANE and stick with people that are there to help you succeed .WA is the only place to be!!!