Is WA a scam?

Last Update: October 01, 2017

Over the past few days, there have been several posts regarding comments on our (the WA community) sites stating that Wealthy Affiliate is a scam, or at best simply taking people's money while offering no value.

Is it true? Is WA a scam?

Being new to WA, I have only my few weeks experience here so far with the wonderful and extremely helpful and supportive community to draw a conclusion, so I decided to venture out to see what was happening elsewhere in the online world.

Sure enough, I found some amazing websites that were inspiring and helpful. I suspect some may be designed by members of WA because there was some mention of this community on them. And . . . sure enough . . . I did find a few negative comments about WA being a scam or a pyramid scheme. They seemed quite adamant about it actually.

My thoughts on these comments come from my 25 years as a retail manager and marketer, and having seen so many true pyramid schemes that I can't even remember half of them. Please understand that I have nothing against a good pyramid scheme except that the last person in gets nothing or scraps at best, so I avoid such businesses.

But . . . the question remains now . . . is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Let's break it into pieces. What does Wealthy Affiliate offer? In general, as I understand it, Wealthy Affiliate offers a community of helpful members who are each working to create wealth through online websites that may become businesses (forms of streams of income) and specialized training for the success of just such a venture. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free program as well as a paid monthly membership where there is absolute freedom to choose how much or little a member chooses to participate. Does Wealthy Affiliate deliver on that promise? The answer is a resounding "YES!!!", and so, the answer to the question of whether or not Wealthy Affiliate is a scam or not is a resounding "NO!!".

However, is Wealthy Affiliate a "pyramid scheme"? If you think, "yes", then you obviously have absolutely no idea of what a pyramid scheme is.

Again, all I have to draw from is my 25 years of experience in the corporate business world, but, as I understand it, Wealthy Affiliate offers a platform in which a community of people engaged in learning to develop an online business may discuss their failures and successes all the while having the opportunity to take advantage of a truly awesome and extremely comprehensive training program. People may go at their own pace, and the individual also chooses how much or how little they participate. Members aren't even locked into paying the monthly fee. How is this in anyone's mind even close to resembling a pyramid scheme?

Ahhhh . . . one person claimed that members have to pay for the training and that commissions are paid when signing up new members. That was their premise for their erroneous accusation.

Ok . . . it is true that "premium members" pay a monthly amount, and it is true that members receive commissions for attracting new members if the newbies become "premium members".

But does that constitute a "pyramid scheme"?


What it does mean is that Wealthy Affiliate runs an honest business that offers the choice between the use of an incredibly valuable platform where someone can create a business and make money or they can take advantage of an even more comprehensive program with access to a massive wealth of knowledge, support and inspiration for a nominal fee. And, by the way, should you share this little secret (Wealthy Affiliate) with others and they also decide to join the community with a monthly membership . . . Kyle and Carson pay a commission so that we may share in the wealth. Hmmm . . . this is more like a health and fitness club than a pyramid scheme.

To sum up, I've heard it said that "People are often down on things that they are not up on." In other words, people often criticize things that they know little or nothing about. Don't worry about them. The time we waste on the "stinky thinkers", is time we could be using to help the next person who is trying to better their lives.

My experience here at WA has been refreshing and inspiring. You people give me hope!!

Thank you for taking your time to read this, and thank you for all of the support you freely give to anyone who is looking for a hand up. You are all wealthy, and I love you!!



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mechidor Premium Plus
Definitely Not a Scam! I love WA! I would even pay few years in advance if there was a possibility to do so:)
WHearn Premium
Hahahaha . . . giving Kyle and Carson ideas? I love it!
MozMary Premium Plus
Nice, William. Thanks for sharing your vast experience and thoughts on this. Really liked your comparison to a 'health and fitness club', something about that rings true!

And soooo well said about not wasting time on the 'stinky thinkers'

People also tend to forget they are getting high end hosting for their membership fee which actually makes the whole training and everything else free! And many of us are in here for free, as two referrals cover the cost...
johnwnewman Premium
Definitely not a scam here William! WA rocks! :-)
WHearn Premium
As long as people like you are here john, WA will always be an awesome place to learn and earn!
johnwnewman Premium
Cheers William :-)
BobBarr Premium
If WA were one, the single-level commission structure would constitute a very short "pyramid". :=)
WHearn Premium
It would always be at "ground level" - the best time to join in!
Carol46 Premium
William, I totally agree with you and thank you for putting in such an easy way to understand.
WHearn Premium
Thank you Carol. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with!