Social Media help need.?

Last Update: June 14, 2016

Hello to all my friends,

Especially those that have connected with me and joined my network here at WA

Thank you all.

Today I need some help with my social media side of my website work.

  • 1.How to make/build extra pages on my FB account for each website I have and is this the best way to set FB up, to connect with each website…?
  • 2.What is the easiest plugin to use for social media on my websites, or is that the correct way to get visitors to connect with my social media platforms…?
  • 3.What are the best plugins to use to update social media pages automatically when I update my websites with new posts?

I know this is a long request; any help will be much appreciated.



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KatieMac Premium
1) 2) I use Sumome very useful plugin

3) there is a plugin called Social Networks Auto-Poster.. have not tried this one however it has a good review
WestBay Premium
Hello Katie, thank you for you sugestion I have looked at this and followed it through.
I have not used Sumome but looking at this one also.
Thank for the Auto-Poster, I like the sound of this one but not tried it yet.
theresroth Premium
I think you can download directly from your browser to three social media platforms for free.
To the left of the three-line dropdown symbol top right is usually the Hootsuite App.
You can connect to 3 s.m. platforms with post scheduling, direct posting, URL shortener and much more.

Information courtesy of Loes.

If you're still stuck, you might want to contact her, she's done some trainings on this.....

Hope this helps you.
WestBay Premium
Hi Therese, thank you for your reply to my question for help in this subject, (by the way not got much further since then, life goes on...)
What is the browser you use...?

And yes I will look at Loes info; she is very good to so many here at WA.

I took a few moments to view your websites; you have done such a great job with them.
On the "Irish Fairy Mound" subject, never called that locally! But NewGrange, I too studied this place in my younger days there is so much history around this area, it’s amazing.
You do not have comments enabled on this website at the moment?

P.S. Therese, you may not have given me what I was looking for here... but seeking your great websites realy made my day, thank you and I hope you do well.
EFors Premium
Good Question! :))
WestBay Premium
Yes I hope so, they are the best kind to ask...?
I hope you are doing well.
MHainsworth Premium
Not sure I can give you the best (especially as I keep changing them) but for now I am using the following methods.

1) I have added a separate Facebook page for each website - although I didn't start with Facebook for all sites and one still doesn't use Facebook at all at the moment. - I'm more of a Twitter fan to start.

2) I have changed plugins a few times, had compatibility problems with one and now I am using SumoMe.

3) I don't update social media immediately after posting but rather use a platform (I use Hootsuite and Buffer for different sites). They will post at the optimum times to capture the best possible audience. It does mean pasting the link in manually but I manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all from this one platform.
WestBay Premium
Hello Marie, you have answered many question here for me in your reply.
SumoMe and Hootsuite seem to be the top platforms that I need to looking into now.
Thank you for your help.
AnthonyMLM Premium
WestBay Premium
Great plugin looks like it's what I need, now at the top of my list, thanks Anthony.
AnthonyMLM Premium
Youre welcome