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February 19, 2018
Thank you guys here at WA.I'll do my best to keep up the good work and all the training here also.Once again thanks Guys,Patrick.
In my latest post I have looked at Google Adwords Policies in a short summary of the strict policies laid down by Google that every affiliate marketer should know. To help you in planning and running successful AdWords campaigns, creating ad copies and building compliant and profitable landing pages.You should read my post first...?All comments are most welcome!See the full post here:
I have not post any articles here for awhile as I am busy on other things and getting on with life in gerenal. But most important taking care of my young boy as he now finds school a wonderful place to be with his friends. So the following is an excerpt of my new article and I would appreciate any comments about it here or on my website:"Good kеуwоrdѕ are very іmроrtаnt fоr every
January 09, 2017
Hi there you guys, I hope you all had a good holiday and now it's time to get back to work on our blogs...I have installed a new plugin on my website called shareaholic for social media interaction with my website!I would like to know about anybody that has got this plugin on their website and have found it to be a benefit or a good experience to have in use?There are so many social media plugins available out there that it is hard to find one I liked. So for now I have settled with this one.I
And of course it’s a big thing that has just happen at this time of year…?Well one of my friends asked what I will do now. What do you mean? I asked, you have completed another year at Wealthy Affiliate, is that it, hell no, not at all I said.As I have so much more to learn..! He was amazed at my reply.I have just paid up for another year so to continue my progress here at WA, and get going with further training. You see with WA training and up to date tips and the great community
August 16, 2016
Just a few words about my progress lately here at Wealthy Affiliate.Summer months are a quiet time for me on my websites as so many other things to take care of each day. As this is the time of school holidays, we take short breaks and days off from our work so that we can have time looking after our son. My good lady also has time off but different days to what I have off, to also look after our son that way we can have a lot of time with him over his schools holidays. He is a good lad and ver
June 14, 2016
Hello to all my friends, Especially those that have connected with me and joined my network here at WAThank you all.Today I need some help with my social media side of my website work. 1.How to make/build extra pages on my FB account for each website I have and is this the best way to set FB up, to connect with each website…?2.What is the easiest plugin to use for social media on my websites, or is that the correct way to get visitors to connect with my social media platforms…?3.W
Affiliate Marketing is the selling of products provided by other retail outlets. You are selling the products of an established business such as Amazon which is one of the most popular affiliate providers on the internet. As an affiliate marketer, you are a salesperson working off a commission which usually ranges from 5% to 20% or more depending on the products you decide to sell.This is a small excerpt form my latest post, any comments are appreciated.To see the full article:- http://nettalkm
Are all your comments lost when you move a page to a post..?I have a page with many comments on it, now that I am more experienced with my website content creation I feel that one of my pages would be best placed in a post!I am not sure what would happen to all my comments in this situation..?Or is there a way to reconnect my comments to my new "post" Or will they just disappear never to be seen again..?I know that there is a plugin that will change a page over to a post, that then means anothe
What is a spoof email?This happens when a spammer alters the header of an email they are about to send out, to thousands or more on their lists..? it shows the FROM email address as coming from your domain..! This is not good and will lead to your good domain been black listed..!My question is, as we have our websites hosted here at WA, is this situation taken care off, for us by default..? So that all our websites are in safe hands?If not what can be done to protect us from Spoof Email Spamme