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Last Update: January 09, 2017

Hi there you guys, I hope you all had a good holiday and now it's time to get back to work on our blogs...

I have installed a new plugin on my website called shareaholic for social media interaction with my website!

I would like to know about anybody that has got this plugin on their website and have found it to be a benefit or a good experience to have in use?

There are so many social media plugins available out there that it is hard to find one I liked. So for now I have settled with this one.

I would love to hear from anybody that has got a great social media plugin that's easy to set up and you get good social interaction with it?

Perhaps some of you would like to give me some info on what you found to be the best social plugin that you use.

Thanks and it would be great if you click on one of the social buttons on my website,



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MsMerry Premium
A bit late but I found Ultimate Social Media Plus super easy and fun to use.
DreamAngel Premium
I've never heard of this! I will check it out!

KeithMaki Premium
I am still researching
drjec Premium
I believe the plugin I use is called Social Media. Its okay. I haven't spent much time comparing. I hope yours works well.
WestBay Premium
Thanks for your comment and looking forward to what others have to say.