5 Free Image Compression Tools To Use

Last Update: Aug 9, 2022

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When you're adding images to your website, do you compress them first?

There are a variety of free image optimizer tools online that can help you to compress your images and/or convert your file types as needed, all while maintaining quality.

Compressing your images is important.

This will allow you to shrink their size which will help maintain your site speed and improve your SEO.

Faster site speed will enhance your user's experience.

However, when searching for a compression tool, you'll also want to make sure your images retain their quality. So, I found a few tools that can help you to do just that.

JPEG Optimizer

This is an easy, well-known image compression tool. The default setting allows for a compression of 65, which will shrink your original file size down by about two-thirds.

You can also add elements like captions, borders and shadows in addition to resizing your images. Then, simply download your final image.


If you have a file size that is less than 1MB, then the Kraken free tool will work well. There are 2 different modes you can use.

Lossless compression mode shrinks your image with no reduction in quality (hence the name). The other mode, Lossy does have a tiny loss of quality. However, you can reduce the size by up to 90%, which may be helpful depending upon your application.

For the average user, Lossy works great. But if you are doing a site with professional images, you may prefer Lossless.

There is even a free WordPress plugin that you can use for Kraken.


This one is so quick and easy to use. It's great for JPG and PNG files. Best of all you can lump up to 20 images in one go.

Again, this tool offers a free WordPress plugin. However, if any of your files are larger than 5MB, you'll have to upgrade to a paid version.


This is another tool I like because the quality remains high-end with a size reduction of up to 90%. My computer has a ton of saved images and this tool can really help save space.

It can handle multiple file types, but you can't have an image bigger than 10MB.


This simple tool works great to optimze JPG, PNG and GIFs. You can even play around with the GIF tools they offer to create the perfect image.

EZGif also allows you to edit, crop, rotate and add elements. You can upload a maximum of 2000 images with a maximum size of 100MB.

Final Thoughts

Reducing your image file sizes is always a smart idea. It helps to reduce issues with speed and it can ultimately help with SEO.

In addition, it can help to save valuable space on your hard drive.

Finding an image compression tool that lets you save space while maintaining quality is now easier than ever.

Do you have a favorite compression tool that you use?

Recent Comments


Are you sure that JPEG Optimizer still works? Could you check from your side and let me know. I have been using it for years but recently it shows that the domain is parked.

I see what you mean…strange as I’ve used it as well. Not sure if it’s down for some reason or possibly joined with EZGif.

Some great tools here Susan, I still use Kraken, but there is absolutely no harm in knowing about some others!

I hope you are having a fantastic start to the week my friend!

Hi Nick! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you are having a great week and not sweltering too much. 😊

You're very welcome Susan, and unfortunately I am still sweltering way too much! 🥵

Oh dear, I guess the heatwave continues for you. I just met some people from Burgundy who were telling me how awful the heat and fires were. Hopefully it’ll cool soon for you. 😊

It has been like this since the middle of June Susan!

But really it is nothing new, it is the same every year!

The forecast for next week looks promising though, and then we are heading down to Spain for a couple of weeks anyway to enjoy the beach and have a couple of poolside barbies! 🤗🥵

I hear you there, Nick. I just returned from the heat of Las Vegas where it was triple digits. I enjoy the heat as I’m always cold, so no complaints lol.

Spain sounds like a fun time! The beaches and pools are calling your name. A great trip to look forward to. 🤗🍻

Vegas!! Nice my friend! I am always hot so hate the heat.. give me winter over summer here any day of the week!

I hope it will be a good trip too Susan! 😊

It was fun indeed. The heat is not for everyone. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. 😊

Happy to hear that Susan, and you are so right about the heat!

I'll let you know how the vacation goes my friend! :-)

Awesome, Nick! Looking forward to it. Enjoy the rest of your day, my friend.

Good lists, Susan
I use TinyJPG to compress my images
It is fast and free ;)

Thanks, Simone...I like that one too. It's so convenient with the multiple uploads. Have a super day :-)

Likewise ;)

Hi, Susan

I’m still using Kraken, but they don’t seem to be updating their plugin so I’ll probably be changing in the near future.

About 90% of my images are less than 150 Kb before compression so my site loads pretty fast.


Hi Frank...thanks for sharing that. Switching might be a good move if they are not updating the plugin, but at least there's other great choices now available.

Have a great day!

You too, Susan! 😎

Those sound like some great tools! I am using a pay on called Imagify. It seems to work pretty well but it isn't free.


Hi Barbara...that's a good one too, but as you say, it's pay ware. Feel free to check any of these ones out. They've worked well for me.

Hope you're keeping well,
Susan :-)

Thanks, Susan. I will try out some of these so I don't have to continue paying for somethng I don't need to.

Thanks very much for the info!

Hi Barbara...yes, I can relate. Always great to find a free tool if it does what you need. These options are easy and free. I especially like TinyJPG (so easy for basic compression). Take care ;-)

Thanks again, susan!


You’re so welcome Barbara. Happy to help if I can.

I appreciate it very much!


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