This Stupid Mistake Cost me $800

Last Update: May 23, 2016

If you want to continue to grow your business, you should be consistently working on it. But if you have an older website you don’t update or check as often, you should at the VERY least be logging in from time to time to make sure everything is still running smoothly, and things like themes, plugins and WordPress itself is all up to date. (Or hire someone to do this!!!)

Well I am guilty of not keeping up on things like I should have been with one of my websites... and guess what happened? Because of some sort of technical issue I didn’t catch (because I just didn’t bother to even check the website for a month) the pages weren’t loading properly and I lost out on an ENTIRE MONTH of traffic and sales.

This website varies a lot in month to month earnings, but usually April I can earn around $800 from this site alone.

Sidenote: As you can see from the above screenshot taken from Google Analytics, this website does not get a huge amount of traffic (around 150 - 200 visit per day) This is the power of QUALITY traffic.. If you know how to attract the right audience, you don't need a tons of visits to earn money.

That is $800 in LOST REVENUE. $800 is a lot of money.

Passive income is great, but it still requires regular maintenance to work properly. If you don't want to bother to do it yourself, hire someone else to do it for you.

II realize this is my fault, and I could have caught the issue much sooner if I had just been a little more caring of my website!

Your websites can eventually earn you passive income - but don’t take advantage of that fact too much. You still NEED to keep up on things, even if you aren’t spending a lot of time on a particular website anymore.

I hope you can all learn from my mistake. :)

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TonyHamilton Premium Plus
Thank you for sharing Wendy,

I have also been very guilty of neglecting some of my websites and will now take your advice and check up on them all more frequently.

SZev Premium
Great tip, Wendy. Thank you!
PSchrimscher Premium
Yes, that is a lot of money. At least we learn from our mistakes. I thought they just took the website down if no one tended to them. I didn't realize they were still up and running. I have one I need to see if it's still there or not and do something with it.Thanks for giving me the heads on.
wendyjane Premium
As long as you are paying for the domain and hosting, no they wouldn't just take down a website because it isn't updated regularly!
JohnMomoh1 Premium
Hi Wendy
Nice information. But how much could it cost to have someone do the job
wendyjane Premium
Hi John,

Well it would vary depending on what exactly the job was, so I couldn't give you any exact figure - are they just checking up on the website, are they updating links, how many websites, do they need to post new articles, etc.

In any case you wouldnt necessarily need or want to do this unless you were already making enough money or had many websites and little time.
JudeP Premium
It is a lot of money :(