The Benefits of Fashion Blogging - FREE Clothing!

Last Update: Apr 4, 2014


As some of you may know, I have a tall girl's fashion blog. It was my first website I ever made here at Wealthy Affiliate, and now at over a year later it is still doing great. I haven't been updating it like I should have, but good things are still happening...

I was contacted by one of the most popular tall women's clothing stores and asked if I could review a few of their clothing pieces for my blog. They let me pick whatever items I wanted and sent them completely free! This is so exciting for me because, while I LOVE this store, they're a bit out of my price range so I wouldn't ordinarily buy clothing from them. I would have spent BIG money if I had purchased all of it myself!

Eek, free clothes! Every girl's dream!

I knew other members here at WA have talked about reaching out and asking for free items from their affiliates in exchange for providing reviews, but I have never had the confidence to do something like that. Now that I have been personally sought out and contacted, I won't hesitate to get in touch with other tall women's clothing shops and ask if they'd be willing to provide me clothing to review for my blog.

It could take my blog to new heights!!!

So, my point for you all....

Whatever your niche is, don't hesitate to reach out to your affiliate companies and ask if they could provide you with free goods in exchange for your review. In my case they were the ones that reached out to me, but I wouldn't wait around for something like that to happen. (In my case it took over a year!)

You can take action and just ask yourself... not all companies are willing to offer free items, but it never hurts to at least ask!

Recent Comments


Free, that's awesome, good for you! I had read on different blogs people getting free items to review, I thought it was just a way of disguising any affiliations. Got get more! :)

That is really great.

Very cool - good idea.

Wow, that's fantastic! You're now seeing a great result of your hard work, effort and dedication to your passion. So happy for you

Thank you!

Very cool ! :) Congrats! This means you're seen as an authority! :)

Thx Chris, yeah I guess so! :)

Thanks for your inspiring post! Well done!


Congrats Wendy! You deserved it after everything you've done!
(hhmm.. send me some of them? hi.hi.hi.. girl could never resist stuff like that, right?)

Heheheh that's exactly what my sister said when I told her.

Awesome, you know you are on to something when they come looking for you!

That is so cool, congrats. It would be interesting to hear how you make out with other stores. Great job!

Yeah I'll let ya know how it goes! :)

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