Is Wealthy Affiliate the best? Yup, sure is!

Last Update: May 01, 2018

We've all been waiting for this day and it's here...the new Wealthy Affiliate UI!

It's beautiful. It's streamlined. It's easy. It just rocks!

This is why I love Wealthy Affilate, Kyle and Carson never stop moving forward for their members and raising the excellence bar in the Internet Marketing Community.

If you're serious about getting an online business off the ground and making solid connections with other committed, like-minded souls - this is the place!

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AaronGriffin Premium
Thank you for posting this Wendy. I opened my WA last night after getting home from one of the best coffee shops I have been to yet here in Indonesia. And when I saw the new format I was impressed! It all looks great! But can we use emojis?


I was lucky enough my wife knows the PR manager, and I was given the most wonderful experiance. I will be featuring their coffee shop in one of my blogs about local coffee shops in Jakarta! And I got the owner to commit to becoming a sponsor for clean up Jakarta day on september 15th! I am hopefully going to be working with this orginization and possibly even being a guest speaker.

It is truly amazing how things can turn around. The universe listens.

Thank you again Wendy.

Your freind, Aaron G.
wendyg53 Premium
Yay Aaron! Good for you. I think if I was in Indonesia and I was looking to sell great coffee online.

I think I would see if any of these shop owners would be willing to open an online business and sell their wares through me on my online coffee blog/ecommerce site.

Lots of people buy quality coffee online now. Keep us posted. :-)
AaronGriffin Premium
Thank you Wendy, I actually already spoke with one of the owners and he said he can offer me Kopi Luwak a fraction of the cost which is sold in the states or I think anywhere else, I will have to look into that. I was really thinking about somehow getting into that. Funny you brought it up. Also I am going to take your advice and include coffee products and coffee machines in my coffee blog.
Once again I really appreciate your help and advice it is nice to know I have a helping hand.

your friend, Aaron G.
wendyg53 Premium
Keep me posted on the coffee. I'm always looking for quality coffee - that's natural with no additives - online. I'll be happy to buy stuff from you.

You've got this Aaron. Just pick one niche, one site and build the best and the biggest one step at a time, stay focused and you can't go wrong.
AaronGriffin Premium
will do and thank you!!!
marmar463 Premium
Thank you for sharing a great post and I agree with you 100%. It does rocks now and it is also bright and it seems to be more simple to use too.
Bimby Premium
Very nice.
Thanks for this post.
Nadja3 Premium
Very modern and practical UI.
Melissa901 Premium
I have to agree this is very nice and I have found everything very easy love it.