Do You Need a .app Domain Name?

Last Update: May 11, 2018

This week Google threw their hat into the ring with the new TLD - top level domain - called .app with secure encryption already packaged into the domain name itself. Kind of cool.

This article explains this latest TLD and what it's implications are better than I can:

I went ahead and bought the .app domains for my two niche websites as a back up to .com. It's a great opportunity to cozy up to Google in the search results.

Anything with .app already comes with HTTPS security, so Google ranks the secure sites higher than HTTP sites.

Here at WA we already have security imbedded in our Wordpress sites. Which costs a lot of money on other hosting companies.

I couldn't buy the .app domains on WA. I hope this changes soon. Meanwhile, I bought them on my backup - Namecheap - and will transfer them when I can.

I"m interested to see what other WA members think about this.

Happy Weekend!


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AllanSiegel Premium
I'm not sure I understand how the .app works, but I'll check out the .app link asap. In regards to Namecheap, can you explain if I need to transfer my sites to WA.
wendyg53 Premium
Basically, .app is Google's new Top Level Domain - TLD. It is currently the only TLD that has SSL security built into it. So, even though we are well protected here at WA, the .app comes with an extra layer of protection.

And these domains are offered by Google, I'm sure they will deny showing favoritism to these domains, but I'm sure they will.
1signbanner Premium
Thank you Wendy, I actually read the whole thing.

Having an .app domain is lobbying Google to be nice to me.

I have to ask myself, "Why not buy this?"

This is such a valuable post my dear friend!


wendyg53 Premium
Thank you for reading it. It is very important and I think it's slipping under everyone's radar.
ElaineSmith1 Premium
Thanks for sharing Wendy!!!

Tried and True

marmar463 Premium
Thank you for the information
McWord Premium
Great information, Wendy. Thanks for sharing!!

All the best,