Why Wait?

Last Update: September 18, 2018

Why do we wait? Better question is why we ask ourselves this daily?

Interesting facet of our lives,waiting is happening every second, minute, hour, day or any timeframe to us! Considering why we wait, let's include several that have affected us.

In the beginning of our lives our parents waited for us to be born, along with the fact from conception we were waiting to be born and meet them. They will be patiently waiting for the rest of their lives from that moment on. Our parents will soon be waiting for us to crawl, then walk and run. They will celebrate our achievements and encourage us along the way while raising us to become patient in waiting.

We can learn to control how long we wait sometimes, yet we still have to wait! Can we control stop lights, long lines at the drive thru, our food orders at a restaurant, long holds on the phone, waiting for others to get ready to go?

Everyday we experience waiting. How we learn to manage waiting, helps teach us patience, perserverance, determines our daily moods, and enables our success or failures. There are many more examples I am sure you can think of!

Is waiting always a bad thing?

Many times by waiting we have missed being at the wrong place at the wrong time, and very thankful we waited!

Also stepping back from some big decision has kept us from failure too!

In the world today of instant gratification not being patient in waiting, has kept many from success. We expect things so fast we can not enjoy even the process of getting there.

We expect quick riches in Internet Marketing, and fall into scams and making poor decisons, which leads to failure or such a slow rate of success we quit.

Instead of the negative aspect of waiting lets develop steady skills through training and the helpful community and knowledge of those who have achieved success here at wealthy Affiliate, by being patient and consistent in the process.

Follow others who have met their goals and creating new ones, and we then will see waiting is OK!

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Time is a strange thing...
you can put it forward wIth summertime
And back wIth wIntertime


You can not force it

My way of saying thank you
Lovely post
JWhite5 Premium
Thanks for the life lesson Bill!
laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Bill,

Your nice post reminded me of a tremendous wait I made my parents go through.
I was in boarding school in England and having my farewell party.
My parents called, slightly worried and also irritated asking where I was. They had come from Holland by car to pick me up at the ferry in France and I was not there. They had to find a hotel to stay the night. I arrived the next day and was told off. I had not done this on purpose I had been careless. This episode happened in1967, I was 17 at that time.
I am a Taurus, in general, that means I am patient, has come very handy in a lot of situations in my life.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
Marlinda1 Premium
Very deep message. Thanks for sharing. It has given me encouragement and food for thought. Keep up the good work :)
Ambrielle91 Premium
I love this message :-)