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October 27, 2020
The definition of to falling is: Moving from a higher to lower level without much control.Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have rankings for Top Helper, Top Creative etc. If you are in the top 25 you are considered an Ambassador, and then there is the Top 200 that are shown in the rankings as well. I have been in the top ranking between 100- 200 for a good portion of 2019-2020, yet now I have dropped greatly. Actually it should be considered plummeted ( Ha, Ha,), because the last one-day drop was f
April 13, 2020
Dreams + Action = SuccessHave you given up your dreams, and the possibility of a better life? If you are still a dreamer and are willing to take action, then you can have success.Most people just dream about having true time freedom. Have you ever dreamed about how it would feel to get up out of bed when you want to, rather than the alarm clock controlling your life? How about just rolling over in the morning instead of getting up to go to work? That choice is yours.Most people dream of retirem
Building Relationships! In building our business whether it's in person or online there are many ways to do it.I have only listed 7, yet there are many more, and I encourage you to comment below which are the main ones you use online or directly face to face.1. Get to know them... Really ! Getting to know someone is more than just taking an order if you are face to face, but how about online? We can give them a subscription to sign up for, and this could include a phone number, email or a co
I usually do not make a big deal about rankings, so this was a nice surprise. Lately I have been answering a few posts and just working on my website content and have fallen behind on posts here at Wealthy Affiliate. These times are very interesting and usually it is just me at home, which makes a big dfference in my productivity overall. We have just one computer and I do not like looking at my smart phone much due to my eyesight.I am praying everyone is following the guidelines in your area a
January 29, 2020
Trust is like an Eraser that gets smaller and smaller after every mistake!People think we build trust which is true also, yet trust starts pure with hope, caring, understanding and eventually love. It will be broken if we are not transparent enough and do not care enough !So are you really transparent enough in your business? Or do you over time as you become successful become less transparent with your customers, and others who helped you get there? When you make a mistake do you acknowledge t
LET'S HAVE A BIG TOAST!I am excited to reach the Top 200 for I believe the third time! It's nice that this time I reached it by devoting more time to my websites in content and reviews, plus continuing to balance learning online marketing along the way.Recently celebrated 33 years with my spouse, and still with proper balance and days away from here, I have maintained.I am one that feels ranking is not the be all and end all. This is why my balance has be
Enthusiasm is a wonderful commodity! It actually has the wonderful capacity to expand and grow in direct proportion to the amount you give others!No matter how much enthusiasm you give away, you always have more. That's because enthusiasm doesn't come from outside you, it comes from within.Here's an interesting note. Enthusiasm is made up of two Greek words; ethos, which means "within," and theos, which means "God" or "spirit"So enthusiasm actually means, "spirit or God within."As we note truly
November 24, 2018
I took the plunge!Tonight I paid the yearly premium special Black Friday $299!Who could not see the benefit in this? No matter what you had to do to give up to pay for it, do it!We are all busy in many ways, myself included.I had seen Wealthy Affiliate back in 2005 and in subsequent years, yet always felt timing was not right. WOW was I wrong! Waiting for when timing is perfect then was a big mistake, and one I was not going to make this year, especially with the Black Friday Sale.Looking forwa
October 05, 2018
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."Thomas Edison, inventor of the light bulbI feel this holds true in so many things we have given up on, and never tried again. This could have been letting someone steal your dream or lack of confidence! Whichever it is, your next try could be the time you have success. Keep moving forward and you will attain your goal.
September 18, 2018
Why do we wait? Better question is why we ask ourselves this daily?Interesting facet of our lives,waiting is happening every second, minute, hour, day or any timeframe to us! Considering why we wait, let's include several that have affected us. In the beginning of our lives our parents waited for us to be born, along with the fact from conception we were waiting to be born and meet them. They will be patiently waiting for the rest of their lives from that moment on. Our parents will soon be wai