Falling! How, When and Why!

Last Update: October 27, 2020

The definition of to falling is: Moving from a higher to lower level without much control.

Here at Wealthy Affiliate we have rankings for Top Helper, Top Creative etc. If you are in the top 25 you are considered an Ambassador, and then there is the Top 200 that are shown in the rankings as well. I have been in the top ranking between 100- 200 for a good portion of 2019-2020, yet now I have dropped greatly.

Actually it should be considered plummeted ( Ha, Ha,), because the last one-day drop was from 400-429 to now 1117 in ranking in 48 hrs. WOW!

To those who are new here, the lowest means the highest and best in ranking. Interestingly this does not equate to success in term of enumeration only though. It does for many who have been here for quite a long time and have many members recruited, and have websites and many online streams of income. Also, another reason is the blogging here and answers do not equate to income much at all. Many of those very successful seem like supernaturally they do it all 24/7, when in reality many have virtual assistants for articles and other activities. This is something when we actually are making that extra income to do so very wisely.

Many are doing Wealthy Affiliate part-time, and others Full time, yet there are only so many hours in a day to comment, answer questions, build you website, blog, e-commerce etc. Balance is important in all of our lives and in the last few weeks, I have answered fewer questions and made fewer comments due to my focus on being ready for the Holiday season online.

Now that I have accomplished much of this, I hope to be more active here and assist others.

I would love to hear how others are utilizing their time to get the results they desire online and here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I wish everyone the very best this Holiday Season online, and for your health offline as well.

Take care,


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LatinNomad Premium
Pace yourself Bill. I find that reviewing 20 WA mails a day helps me to learn more & pick up new ideas & motivation. I find it quicker on my phone than on my laptop.

I set myself the objective of being in the top 5000. Astonishingly, along with regular blogs, I find myself in the top 100.

I do believe being active in the community is important for self motivation & in the process, if I help others too, great.

Have a great day.

Wdcope Premium
Very true Trevor. Pacing is important. I need to get a tablet vs my 7 plus Iphone. I need glasses for reading, and can't whip those out always.
StephenThiam Premium
I enjoyed spending time reading and reply to the community. The ranking is not a concern to me. I do drop to more than 1,000. But next week, go back to 460. I think yours is the same. As you said, we have eight hours to work only and occasionally taking rest. Up and down showing our community is life, not death. That is my opinion only.
Debbi26 Premium
I've climbed up the ladder, if you will, so many times and then have fallen back to the ground so many times. I take it all with a grain of salt. I don't think about rank as much as I think about reading/learning and motivating when I have time. My business takes priority. I have online as well as offline and I'm trying to work part time since I'm "retired" (or trying to be). lol

GeoffreyC1 Premium
It totally amazes me how anyone can reach and stay in the top 100
Dave07 Premium
Hi Bill

WA ranking is not a big deal in the greater scheme of things.
It's much more important to invest time in your business. Time spent on WA is secondary.