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Last Update: Apr 13, 2020

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Dreams + Action = Success

Have you given up your dreams, and the possibility of a better life? If you are still a dreamer and are willing to take action, then you can have success.

Most people just dream about having true time freedom. Have you ever dreamed about how it would feel to get up out of bed when you want to, rather than the alarm clock controlling your life? How about just rolling over in the morning instead of getting up to go to work? That choice is yours.

Most people dream of retirement. It is never too late to start. Retire in style in three to five years, regardless of your age. Why wait until you are sixty-five? Are you ready to enjoy 4-5 exotic vacations each year? Perhaps you are retired now, yet you can not afford the type you dreamed about for all those years.

Most people dream about having the perfect dream auto. Why not drive the care of your choice? Maybe you want a truck or that motor home you dreamed about.

Most people dream of owning their own home. Why not own the house your have desired for so long, located where you want it with al the amenities you wish?

Most people dream about real financial security. Imagine if you had this kind of security financially, and can utilize it anyway you want.

You see dreams cost money, and your dream is no exception to this rule. Some people are happy with a few hundred dollars extra each month. Others are really happy with a few thousand extra dollars each month. Some are happy with a significant six-figure income annually. Having that "Good Life" means something different to all of us.

You need to determine what you want to accomplish. After you decide what you want to accomplish, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish it! This will require ACTION on your part. Your commitment to your dreams will determine your actions.

For example, in a good old-fashioned breakfast of ham and eggs, the chicken is involved and the pig is committed to the breakfast. I heard this example years ago, but it's very true. You can be involved or you can be committed to your business. Some enjoy doing things others do not. And every person will not have the same abilities or assets. Trying to force others to follow the same path or into the same box is not just a mistake, it is usually a fatal business mistake.

There are more than one effective way to build a successful online business. Some people may use more than one system. Most will settle into one that works best for them and focus on using that system to build their business. One size does not fit all.

At whatever activity level you choose, Wealthy Affiliate has the training just right for you. There are many members of all backgrounds and levels of success to ask questions to. The combination of professional support will help you achieve YOUR Dreams!

Now write those dreams down if you have not, or rewrite them if you choose, but then you have to put it all into ACTION to build your SUCCESS!

Remember Extraordinary things can happen in your life, YOU deserve success!

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Hi Bill. Thank you for your wisdom. You're nothing If you don't take action.
Have a great day.

Thanks Stephen,your comments are appreciated.

Hi Bill

Your equation is a perfect summary of online business.
The only way to make dreams come true is planning and lots of action.


You're so takes commitment and consistency. As they say "Content is King"

Nice post.


Thanks Debi for your comments. :)

Hey Bill,

Thank you for sharing a great article. We all deserve success.

Best regards,

Great article written, Bill! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Jeff.

You're welcome, Bill!


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