My IP is Blacklisted for e-mailing WA invites!

Last Update: March 29, 2016

Well this is a new twist. I have been having trouble sending e-mails from my computer outlook program for several days. I trouble shot my system for two days trying to discover the problem. My IP address was blacklisted and blocked by This I discovered when after taking my Laptop over to the neighbors house and was able to sent e-mails with no problems; but when I returned home using my internet, I had the same trouble back again. I called my ISP (internet) provider and they found out my IP address was Blocked.

Apparently they, (Barracuda) register complaints of spam and with no research, they add you to a block list! Then sell block lists and for a fee will remove your IP from their server blocking.

What a racket!

I guess I'll be back working some time this week. I hope you haven't had any trouble like this, but if you have, tell the rest of us about it.

William :)

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SuphatPasree Premium
DeniseOlsen5 Premium
I haven't had any trouble like that! Hope you get it figured out.
uncleyeti Premium
Sounds like mob protection. Pay us and we won't let anyone hurt you, but don't pay us and we'll ruin you. Also sounds illegal
Pios2012 Premium
No such trouble for me. Have a nice day.
Muule Premium
Sorry about that, William!
Wayne66 Premium
almost sounds like a borderline scam outfit. They didn't do ANY research? And then blacklist. I don't think that's the right way to run a business.
WBurton Premium
Turns out Wayne that it was my fault, I added my website e-mail names to my outlook and set them up as imap instead of pop3, and that caused the servers to see all of those e-mail as not authenticated and there fore possible spam. when I reinstalled them the right way and had my ISP internet Company clear the block on my IP address. all was good! William :)
Wayne66 Premium
As per my other comment...I'm so glad you were able to work it out. Now you can have an awesome day.
Sui_generis Premium
Keep us posted on your progress with this.
speakwealth Premium
My IP has also been blacklisted, but only for my WA email. My other 3 email accounts did have trouble sending, but only the WA account says it is blacklisted when I get a delivery failure.

The other accounts seem to be blaming it on the recipients AOL account.

I have never sent out any invites or spam from that email. The only thing that goes out in mass is to my email subscribers from Mail Chimp, and they have all signed up.

My IP wound up on the Spamhaus server as blacklisted.

It seems that for some email clients, if your account is not set up to authenticate properly, the server won't even send your email because without authentication it is considered spam by many servers.

Here is the information I found and how I was able to correct my problem.

My IP is still on the list but I am able to send mail without a problem now.

You might also be able to call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get a dynamic IP address for your router.

Good Luck!
WBurton Premium
I'll try that, Thanks for the information :)
mergie1 Premium
That's terrible. What will they think of next.
Ivine Premium
We all need to be careful. Irv.
KatieMac Premium
That is not good, got you over a barrel so to speak should not be allowed hope you manage to resolve it soon
AlexEvans Premium
Seems strange, almost like an extortion racket. Hope you get this issue resolved. Keep us up to date.
Nazmi524 Premium
Just be extra careful when sending emails. Send email not more than 20 at a time. Otherwise the system identified the sender as spammers. Thank you for sharing Wburton and good luck.
VincentA Premium
Sorry to hear that
LizPB Premium
That's horrible. Good luck!
Loes Premium
Does it help if you first make your link a pretty link or use an url shortener?
mijareze Premium
Sorry to hear that. I have heard about this happening. Well we lear, and we go on...
RaeAnnePond Premium
You're the second person I've heard from tonight about being blacklisted. Yours is email, another was for video. Hmmm.... not good. I hope you find out a way around this.

Have a great day tomorrow!
theresroth Premium
Thanks for sharing!
TonyHamilton Premium
Wow William, That is wild!

I haven't sent out any WA emails but that would for sure be a shock indeed.

Thank you for sharing this so that we can all be aware of the barracudas.

jdlovel Premium
man! what a bummer! so sorry to hear that. Let us know how you fixed that , please.
BobZeiss Premium
I use a proxy, which may avoid this kind of problem. I remember that some years ago even a respectable organisation like bigpond was blacklisted by UK ISP's because of the number of spammers using thier servers. This caused a huge problem at Christmas because people in the UK could not have two way email with friends and relatives in Australia.

The correct route for investigation of this problem is via your ISP.

SPapp Premium
No kidding, Thanks for the heads up William. Take Care. Sheila
moongirl1369 Premium
I'm truly glad you got that sorted out what a hassle and a crock. They (barracuda) should not be permitted to do such things.
DGreene Premium
Wow I totally agree