"A Very Tough Decision"

Last Update: January 08, 2016

Greetings to my WA Family & Friends whom many of you I have come to know, and share my heart with. This crossroad I am finding myself at right now, and I'm absolutely sure there are many others within the Community who have found this same decision lying at their door. After being here for almost 3 months, and reminiscing about all that I have experienced here so far, all that I have learned, and what I have accomplished I stand just amazed with everything that has been going on at the same time.

I want to assure you that I have never been a quitter, nor ever going to consider that as an option for anything that I undertake. I have read so many posts and blogs on pretty much this same topic, so am hoping that this will reach many of those who find themselves in this same position.

If you were completely & totally brand new when you came here to WA, and barely knew how to turn on your Computer and type an email, or figure out how to print something, than this is for you. I came on board in October of 2015, and drive a truck for a living which involves being out for sometimes 70-80 hrs a week. This particular job has very little sit time at a dock like most driving jobs. This part of my life leaves me 1 day, and 30 minutes here, 30 minutes there to work on my dream here at WA.

Let me explain that I am not attempting to make excuses, for there are many that can excuse away their entire lives. I am hoping to get a proper perspective, and balance so that I can truly focus on my goal here at WA, and end all of the distractions that I allow to postpone or delay my goals being reached. I also want to respond to those who have posted questions along these lines, and shared their overwhelming feelings while trying to move ahead.

I am pretty sure these images explain a lot. Constant messages, discussions, classrooms being initiated, following & being followed. Now please do not get me wrong, this is some of the fabulous and incredible experience of being a part of WA, and is an asset to reaching success. But, without balance, you will be constantly going nowhere.

I welcomed a friend of a Member here at WA a few weeks back, and something this new Member told me his friend had told him when he joined really hit me. He had a question from lesson 4 in Course One of Bootcamp, and when I responded, and granted, my response was a little further down the road from where he was at. He told me that his friend who brought him onboard told him to ignore everything that comes at you, and focus on your lessons and tasks 1rst. Not to be completely unsociable, but focus on his business 1rst.

Now that I am at a stage where I realize to what one of the requirements are to keeping a website ranked with Google, and knowing my time schedule as it sits right now, I have to place my priority on building my business, and getting to the point where I can free up my schedule, and time.

So, to bring this Blog to a close, I want to let everyone that I have on my network, and all those whom I may add that I am not being unsociable, and it may appear that I have vanished, but I am still here. I really need to get my training behind me, get my website complete & filled out, ranked with Google, and reaching the plateau of bringing in some income which will free me up. Am also asking for help, because this will be very hard for me as well. I know that my email box is going to fill up, and that gnawing feeling of, "Am I missing something" or "I want to read or respond," will be banging on my door.

Truly love all of you, and look forward to the freedom that we all are aiming for. I have huge shoulders, so if you see me spending my time involved in discussions, messaging and socializing, feel free to ask me if I have spent my time working 1rst on my business. I also hope that this helps and encourages the many out there who are still trying to figure out if this works, or how to make it work. I can assure you, it "WORKS" and this is a substantial fact, but not if we don't have balance, focus & drive.

For all of you newbie's, lets go to the top!!!!!

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tclough Premium
I get it Wayne. Since the first of the year I have backed off a lot. I still comment on a few blogs (like this one obviously) but way fewer than before. I often hit the like button but don't comment. I am also skipping over a lot of the emails without even opening the post or question.
So, do what works for you - we understand.
WayneStewart Premium
Thanks, Tom, your understanding means so much.
Jrowlands Premium
This is a great. I completely agree. One of the cons from the blog that sold me on WA, was that you can get wrapped up on the success stories and the chats within WA. So I limited myself to that. I'm a month in and have completed my website and now my review page. There is so much to learn, but freedom for us is important.
Thanks for sharing
WayneStewart Premium
Great, James continue upwards
trendygirl Premium
yes even I feel i should follow the training throughly before socialising.but here in WA you will get so much iinformation from these discussions also but sure your first proirity should be to get your website get ranked in google by making it an authority site and earn some cash
WayneStewart Premium
You got it, trendygirl, see you at the top
Sheila50 Premium
I fully understand and I had made the same decision, but here I am spending hours getting emails!
I am going to take other members advice and change my email notifications so I can focus on training and my sites!
Thank you for reminding me of what my 2016 goals were
WayneStewart Premium
Sheila, it is hard to make this decision, but gotta move up, and not stay on this same ground. We can do this. Thx
AriefWibowo Premium
Let's go.
WayneStewart Premium
On my way, see you there.