When I make a mistake: It is a Doozie

Last Update: April 12, 2015

Somehow with my messing around with plugins getting my domain name etc. I allowed tons of people to be administrators on my site. I dont think they are part of WA. So now !I have 250 posts that I did not write and have nothing to do with my website. Do these people know they have posts on my websites? I do not think so. So now I need to get all those posts off my site and avoid new ones from coming on. If anyone knows anything about this catastrophy I would appreciate the help! I realize I am not a good follower of directions.This can be a problem in many parts of life

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WKnoepp Premium
Lots of bots out there searching endlessly for sites to post on. If you've done as other members have advised, you should be ok. If you still get spam posts, change your password to one that's ultra secure.
pbar47 Premium
First delete the posts. Second this needs to be prevented from happening again. Here is how you do it. Go to your admin area and go to settings> general and make sure the box labeled membership is unchecked. (First image) The you need to make sure all the users except admin ( that is you ) Image 2
If you need further guidance, please let me know
HelenpDoyle Premium
With the users, you can also put yourself in as per Kyle's lesson. Then your name will appear on your website. I can't remember which lesson but it's worth having a quick explore to do so.
Christabelle Premium
Under settings/general you can turn off "anyone can register" and then delete the posts!
wardchambre Premium
Thank you so much Rosie M
rosieM Premium
You should do this immediately.....this stops anyone being able to post or have too many rights in your website. If you need further help, just let me know, or better yet...post an update if you don't mind so that we can all see....you get much more input this way......we are all family here!
rosieM Premium
Read the following.....taken from within WA site itself.....I tried to do some fast research for you....hope this helps.... go to the settings area of your wordpress dashboard and then go to general. From there see if the box that says anyone can register beside "membership" is checked. If it is uncheck Asap. Also see what their default role was set as so you can see the person/spam bot registered as. Hopefully its not administrator and they wont be able to mess around too much with your site. Then you should go to the users section of the wordpress dashboard and delete the unauthorized user. Hope that helps