Direct Hit By Hurricane Irma Storm Cleansing Almost 6 Days Later No Power No Water!

Last Update: September 14, 2017

Direct Hit By Irma Cleansing since 9/10/20117.

Hi Friends, Follower and Colleagues due to our direct hit by Irma Storm I will be temporarily out of service. Currently, we have absolutely no services including the two most important commodities " Water and Electricity". I think I will switch my niche, LOL

Anyway keep us in prayer and if you would like to help our recovery efforts, please send it to

I will keep updating on our recovery efforts as resources like lights and internet becomes available.

Hope to be back with you soon. Love always and blessings

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halinphilly Premium
Sending good thoughts and positivity your way!

DebbieRose Premium
You made it safely through. As for the rest, just one day at a time focusing on the things that matter. All the best.
shashe Premium
You and all those hit by Irma are in my prayers. Be safe! May God continue to wrap you in His loving arms.
RandyL1 Premium
My prayers to you and all WA family affected by Irma.

HVella Premium
Same here we just got our power back so just getting back into it.