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My name is Theodore Franks. Friends and family call me "Ted". I am a family man who's goal is living life to it's fullest and getting the best out of life. Ever since I worked for a large computer manufacturer and was introduced to the internet back in 1998, I have always believed that I would "someday" have the privilege of being self-employed, working from home online, and joining my wife in the raising of our children to have all they deserve to get the most out of life,

Well, soon after the "world-wide web" was introduced to the public, that "someday" arrived for many other people who have found financial freedom and became able to live the life of their dreams working a home-based business online. Now, "that day"; for many, began nearly 25 years ago.

But, as for me, though I am a philanthropist-at-heart and am still passionate about becoming financially-free and helping others to be able to follow my success track and build a great life, with a flourishing business--working from home, I have not, as of yet, arrived to that point of my life.

I have explored and joined countless programs, which only provided little-to-no ROI (Return On Investment). Nevertheless, I have faith and am determined to take the necessary steps to find the success, that many others have obtained through diligent research and perseverance.

I honestly believe that I have found the very tools and support staff to bring, what was merely a dream, "birthed" out of my passion, into a reality. I feel so blessed and highly favored to have come aboard and put in the work necessary to make this goal of becoming "a channel of great wealth" to my family and world-wide!
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Kyle Premium
Great to have you here at WA Theodore and if you ever do need a hand with anything, you have an entire community of support behind you (myself included)! :)

Exciting times lie ahead!

PS. I hope your week is going brilliantly well thus far!
Carl1990xx Premium
Hello Theodore,

congratulations for joining Wealthy Affiliate! You did the only thing you had to do. This was probably one of the best devisions you ever made!

So many people inside this community already achieved the financial freedom dream and you will achieve the same. This is the only programm you will ever need to succeed. Just take action, ask questions inside the community, watch and apply the full training!

But there is more I need to tell you... (you will be glad I did)

I feel the need to tell you the truth about Wealthy Affiliate that no one have ever told you.

A few months ago I was discussing with my friend Kate who was one of my first clients in Affiliate Marketing and she asked me a surprising question.

She asked following question: “As I am already a Wealthy Affiliate free member, what is the essence of upgrading to premium where I will be paying money every month?”

I sat her down and we had a long conversation. I told her that sometimes as a starter, if you want to learn more about a product relating to Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing before purchasing, you see some members criticizing the product you’re interested in purchasing.

I told her that when joining Wealthy Affiliate you will have access to some of the premium membership benefits for a period of about seven days because they want you to upgrade to premium membership so they are given you the taste of it. After the first seven days the free membership of Wealthy Affiliate is limited to almost no useful benefits.

Whatever free benefits provided to you after the first seven days, you can also get without even joining Wealthy Affiliate.

I also showed her some of the valuable advantages the premium membership have which the free membership dont have - they include:

• Easy step-by-step training

• Access to all 50 Online Entrepreneur Certification Courses

• Access to all 70 Affiliate Boot camp Courses

• Weekly (interactive) live classes on various topics to enhance your success

• Ability to create your own training tutorials (After 3 Months) and be paid for it

• Your own affiliate blog, like this one, that gets quick indexing into Google

• Free access to the powerful Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

• Build all of your websites within 1 minute without programming them yourself

• Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on your own domain for no extra cost

• Ability to build and host 25 WordPress websites on the Free SiteRubix sub domain

• Access to over 3,000 WordPress website themes and 50,000 add on plugins

• Free SSL Certificates for better encryption on websites with your own domain

• Ability to purchase domain names from within the WA platform

• 24 hours, 365 days per year direct access to Technical Support

• Help and support from close to a million WA world-wide community members

• Site Protect to give full protection against comment spam without the use of a plugin

• Virus and malware protection for safer websites

• Site Speed which increases the loading speed of all your website pages and posts

• Easily learn about SEO, Search Engine Optimization

• Learn the importance of Social Media Marketing

• Have problems creating your content? Site Content makes content creation easier

• Grammar, spelling and plagiarism checkers within SiteContent

• Access to 1,000,000+ free to use images from Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash

• Earn 100% more than free starter members in the free WA Affiliate Program

That may seem like a lot, but the two dozen benefits above is just the tip of the iceberg. You get so much more outstanding value.

So after long conversation with her, she agreed to give it a trial.

After three months after she upgraded to Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, guess what…she came back with a testimonial thanking me that she is now generating 6-figures as pure profit from her online business continously - mostly on autopilot.

If you would like to see her testimonial, go to Youtube and type in "Kates experience with Wealthy Affiliate". There you go.

I know that many people will be asking the same question as my friend Kate did a few years ago and that they will be happy sharing the kind of testimony that she shared to me.

That is why I’ve decided to give you what I gave her by letting you know the truth about Wealthy Affiliate free membership, because it will help you in making informed decision about upgrading from Wealthy Affiliate free membership to premium membership.

Wealthy Affiliate offers so valuable trainings and to receive ALL the training they offer, I highly recommend to upgrade to the premium membership.

So upgrade to Wealthy Affiliate premium membership today and you’ll not regret that you did.

If you upgrade from Wealthy Affiliate free membership to premium, you’re expected to be paying $49 every month, but because it’s my pleasure helping people turn their dream into an online business empire, I have decided to slash it down to $19 for the first month and then start paying the normal payment from the second month on (if you are satisfied of course) - which is $49. But seriously its worth a few thousands dollars a month but this would people find the excuses for not getting the dream lifestyle they deserve...

So keep in mind that you’ll only get the discount if you act soon.

Great to have you here!

To your success,

Carl Sörensen (CEO of Online Business Rockets).