A month of Adversity.

Last Update: July 26, 2016

Hi all. In short, this month has really been a challenge for me on a whole variety of fronts.

From annoying employment frustrations, intense personal issues and then stifled WA productivity as a result, it has tested every single part of my usually constructive and positive approach to what I'm trying to achieve here...

SO... in response, here's another blog post to let it all out and hopefully encourage anyone else who also finds that some days they too wish this merry-go-round of a world could stop 'coz they wanna get off!

ADVERSITY. Who needs it?
Well, let's look at a few quotes/lessons to learn and be strengthened by...

So, once again...
Deep breath. Head up.
...and continue on!

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JudeP Premium
So very true Bruce :)
JohnWright1 Premium
Keep keeping on,you are 10 feet tall and bulletproof!
WA-Bruce Premium
Thanks John. Will keep my flack jacket on for sure!
Loubelle Premium
Hi Bruce its frustrating I agree. They say it gets better. All the best
DiemN Premium
Thanks Bruce, your post had strengthen me.

WA-Bruce Premium
I'm glad to hear it Diem. Keep enCOURAGEd.
SteveCrozza Premium
Gday Bruce,

Some times we come up against the proverbial brick wall, and no matter how hard we bang out head on it nothing changes.

If you keep on persisting you can eventually knock it down, but what if you got a ladder and climbed over it?

Hope things improve soon for you
WA-Bruce Premium
Hi Steve.
I've got the ladder, it just kept being kicked out from under me this month.