Don't Ignore Social Media Marketing!

Last Update: June 03, 2018

Although the main percentage of my sales comes from the organic traffic on my website, last seven days I lost a few sales because of my social media inactivity.

I just didn't have time to create social content and as a result I have only 5 visits from Monday till today! :(

Usually, I have 50-65 weekly visitors from the social platforms.

Why is this example important?

As a beginner, you have a chance to get a few sales for week, by posting content on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.. and you don't have to invest your money to get these visitors. Just your time to create a content.

So, don't ignore social networks! It's a FREE way to attract visitors and to grow your sale percentage.


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Steven-A Premium
good advice
grkuria Premium
Thank you for sharing. Highly appreciated
smokeywins Premium
Thanks for the reminder! I've been bad in the past few weeks about not posting to IG and Facebook as frequently as I was. With so many scheduling tools there's no excuse to not post. Need to get back on track.
dchapman3 Premium
Everyone today is online and to ignore social media is ignoring where your potential audiences are residing. Social media is the modern day billboard.
ChrisCee1028 Premium
couldn't agree more with it! social media marketing plays a major role in the IM industry!
Vrtovic Premium