If 2020 is making you rethink your goals, read this.

Last Update: October 19, 2020

The chaos of 2020 has hit pretty much everyone, and specifically with regards to you and your time here in WA, you may have the following thoughts right now:

1) You may be new to WA and just getting started, but the whole 2020 year has flipped everything on it's head so much that you're wondering if it's worth carrying on.

2) You may already have started a website in WA and the times we are experiencing are making you doubt the future of your business, and even making you want to quit.

3) You may already be successful and this year, your business has flipped on it's head, or you're worried about it happening in the near future.

In short, here you are trying to build a better life for yourself, and all of a sudden, the pandemic hits, layoffs are happening, lockdowns are forcing everyone to stay home and you feel robbed of the opportunity to do anything. You feel screwed, and justifyably so.

But this isn't a message of despair. It's the complete opposite, here's why:

I've been on this journey for 16 years and in that time, I've been through periods like the 2020 one we're all going through right now and wondered the same things again and again.

We've had economic turmoils, elections, wars, you name it. And though 2020 comes with it's own new unique challenges, what hasn't changed is that bad times never last and neither will this.

When I first came to WA and started building my online business, and the first outside obstacle hit, I thought for sure it would be the end and that I would never succeed.

Yet, I talked to Kyle and Carson about this and they told me that these things happen and that NOW is the time to grow and build your business, because it will get better.

At the time, I couldn't understand how they could maintain such optimism despite all the bad stuff that was going on. I mean, what I kept hearing was how the sky is falling, so how could there be any optimism in any of this?

But then as I followed their advice, continued to grow my business and stopped paying attention to the news, it grew.

And then after sometime, another disaster hit. Yet this time, I had already seen such an event prior, so I wasn't as freaked out as before and so it was easier to continue on my business.

And time after time, despite one event after another affecting our lives, I stopped letting it affect my business more and more. In fact, when these things happen, I no longer freak out. I now see it as opportunity.

Here's how to turn 2020 around and succeed moving forward:

Understand this: Bad times don't last. Better days ARE ahead, but what determines if it happens to YOU is what actions you take TODAY. This means:

If you allow yourself to despair and not take the actions to grow your business, the bad times will pass, and when the good times ineviably come, you won't be on the ship raking in all that success.

Therefore, what better way to distract yourself from the turmoil of 2020 than by setting your eyes and goals on the prize which is becoming successful at WA?

I've found that with a clear cut goal of success which is:

  1. Picking the niche you love.
  2. And growing a business out of it with the WA training.

That this focus overshadows doubt by a mile and that keeps you being positive, ambitious and reslient to the negativity that surrounds us.


MOST people quit chasing their dreams and living their life when these things happen. They follow in the footsteps of the crowd which is usually easily swayed in the negative direction.

Don't be the person. Set your eyes on your goal and use the WA platform to help you get there.

While most people quit when these times hit, I see that as an open market to grow my business and worry less about the competition.

While my business has slowed down a little bit from this year, the way I compensated for that was by learning more of the stuff WA offers and expanding my knowledge of this business, so I could enter new realms of it and make up for that.

Now with the new knowledge I gained, and the work I put in, when the good times come, all of those areas I invested the time and energy in will flourish and the business will grow to even greater heights than it's ever been at.

More optimism moving forward:

  1. Online business has not died out, nor is it going anywhere.
  2. Affiliate marketing has not died out, and in fact, it has more opportunity than ever before.
  3. WA is pushing forward with new releases that'll blow your mind and only propel you forward to success (the best is yet to come).
  4. Your potential to become a success has not diminished at all. In fact, if you're already following the training and working on a niche site you like, then you have already planted the seeds to your success in the future. Don't stop.

Despite you feeling differently right now, I promise you, having been on both sides of this coin and seeing what happens when you take action and positive steps to move forward with your business vs not, I know what will happen to those who don't let the negativity of 2020 stop them.

And I want to see you be that person.

You are already part of that because you are here and as long as you don't let other negative people pull you down and carry on with your dream, knowing from already successful people what happens if you do, then you will succeed.

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etseil20 Premium Plus

I couldn't agree more- even in a bad year, it's more important than ever to keeping building that business.

With my struggles, I still move forward growing my business. Regardless of what’s happening around the world, good and bad times always happen.

What I would tell someone- the only thing that’s holding yourself back is YOU. When push comes to shove- it's time to take action, and not react to life.

Thanks for sharing- it's what I needed to read!

EdwinBernard Premium Plus
I love your optimism Vitaliy. No matter what you say, 90% will end up quitting. I wish they wouldn't. But that seems one of the laws of life.

The good news is that those who do not, the probability of success rises every day they work om their business.

Your success is one of several WA success stories that inspire me. Thanks for writing this very uplifting message.


Defiant6 Premium
Thanks for sharing this, Vitaliy. I really needed to hear that because I started to slow down a little bit on my website which kind of stinks because I had quite a bit of momentum from last month with the frequency of articles I was putting out. It has slowed down a bit this month, but I'm definitely not throwing in the towel as I do have a particular goal to meet before the end of the year and I'm not too terribly far from it.
HealthyGreen Premium
Absolutely Awesome Post. Only a little over 5 months ago I posted I QUIT and then gave it some thought and came back the next morning totally focused, Paid for an annual membership and said I'm here to say and meant every word of it.

Folks you have the opportunity of a lifetime here at wealthy Affiliate so take advantage of every minute of it and help others as you learn from them. Don't blow the opportunity to build a thriving business just because of a couple of little stumbling blocks.

Have a great week.

Zarina Premium Plus
Vitaliy, so glad to see you post here! Just yesterday I was thinking of going through your old posts because I missed reading your insights here :) Thanks for the encouragement.

While I did very well this year compared to the first two, I still had my doubts and got a bit swayed by this year's events (as you probably saw on IG). Last week I've made a decision to pay even less attention and just do my thing. It's so easy to go "cuckoo", I can't imagine how do people listen to news and check the corona cases EVERY DAY. 😱

I do remember in older posts you did mention that the politics can affect site traffic/sales and hopefully after November things will improve for the better for everyone and there'll be less madness.

In any case, will keep pushing forward. Thanks again, Vitaliy, you da champ!
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Let's go champ!