All in! Are you?

Last Update: September 30, 2016

Ok, so I'm all in now. People of the community, I know this works, but my issue has always been focus and hanging around long enough to see the fruits of my efforts. Can anyone out there in WA Land relate? Sooo many opportunities out there, and, strangely, they have been showing up in my life and creating a huge distraction. Anyone out there (or any & all of you) please hold me accountable to dedicating time to this opportunity. I'm committing to working on my niche (which is "Make Money") as an Affiliate 10 hours a week and have included the blocks of time in my calendar.

So, please join me in helping me be accountable. Maybe we can start a group right here within the WA community? I realize the community here is great, and extremely encouraging, and that goes a long way, but what I'm suggesting is find a small team of dedicated accountability partners. My team name will be "Wealthy Affiliate Partners". Anyone in?

Thanks, all, for reading!



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T1967 Premium
Thank for sharing :-))
Al (for Tania)
Mkocher09 Premium
Great idea!
VinceOKeefe Premium
Thanks, Mary! So far, it's Mel, Mary and me. I'm dedicating 10 hours a week to this. My niche is "make money". Please, let's check in with one another to check progress..
onmyownterms Premium
This is a great idea, I'm in.
VinceOKeefe Premium
Very cool Mel!