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October 03, 2016
Thanks in advance for reading this. It has been a recurring theme in my quest to build a residual income over the past many years. I get on board with a program, go at it with exuberance, and then, as quickly as the fire is lit, the fire burns out. Now I find myself in the same quandary; less than a week after joining, and only 3 days after upgrading to an annual premium membership, I've come to that point of wanting to quit. I hate the word: "Quit". I associate it with guilt and shame, and
September 30, 2016
Ok, so I'm all in now. People of the community, I know this works, but my issue has always been focus and hanging around long enough to see the fruits of my efforts. Can anyone out there in WA Land relate? Sooo many opportunities out there, and, strangely, they have been showing up in my life and creating a huge distraction. Anyone out there (or any & all of you) please hold me accountable to dedicating time to this opportunity. I'm committing to working on my niche (which is "Make Mon