We Are All Entrepreneurs: Its A Mindset, Not A Business Model

Last Update: October 11, 2015

I posted this to my website today and thought I would post it here in the hope that it may be inspirational to some.

We are all Entrepeneurs. It's a Mindset, Not a Business Model.

This is what Donna M. De Carolis stated in Forbes earlier this year.

I won’t try to get into your mind, really!! But I’ll tell you a little bit about mine!

My mindset is such that I will never ask for hand-outs, nor will I ever expect a miracle. I will never expect to find myself at the other end of the rainbow or to suddenly have it all!!!

What I will do though, is appreciate receiving value, whether through education, friendship or otherwise and I will always treasure the knowledge that has been passed onto me, I will use my creativity and imagination and strive to continue in the path that I have been shown and use the knowledge I have been given.

I will continue until I succeed.

Have you been trying to build an online business through Affiliate Marketing? Perhaps for quite some time or you have not succeeded for a few years?

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Thank you

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Loes Premium
Question, did you post the same text to your website as well?
If yes:
Both blogs are Google indexed, so you've just created duplicate content
vic62 Premium
Hi Loes
I did post the same text. Only difference is I deleted the pictures here. I didn't realise it wouldn't be a good idea - thinking as it was my own - it would be fine.
vic62 Premium
I have just edited the blog here - I hope this helps somehow
Loes Premium
No sorry it's not fine, you are harming your own work this way
AlexEvans Premium
Hi Victoria enjoyed your post very much , thankyou for the motivation.
mlight56 Premium
Great post .... and well laid out .... cheers ... Michel
KatieMac Premium
good post and very wise words, however I am concerned if you have this on your website to as it could be seen as duplicate content
krazykat Premium
Wise words.