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Last Update: Jul 30, 2018

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So, it seems that I've been M.I.A. (Missing In Action) over the last few months. Sure, I've made a few appearances here and there, strolled down the red carpet, gave a few interviews, but I definitely haven't been my usual talkative self. It's almost been 2 months since my last post! Why, you ask!


This decision has been years in the making, about 20 years to be more precise. Just a quick background: I graduated from high school in 1985 - yes, that is many decades ago - #57 in a class of 1100. Nope! that is not a typo! Turns out my high school is one of the largest in New York state!

I attended college upstate New York that September; not sure why or how I even came to this decision, but I decided to transfer just after 2 years and attended the well-known F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York. Never heard of it? Well, Calvin Klein is just one of the major designers who is an alumnus.

I started working full-time pretty soon, so I would go one semester, take off 2; go another 2 semesters, take off 3. Not a very good recipe for success. I went back to F.I.T. about 10 years later to receive my certification in something that I never use, but getting my degree seemed to be lost in the wind. But the dream never died (hmm...great title for either a book or the next James Bond movie).

Many, many years later to a talk I had with Oprah Winfrey. OK... just to clarify, when I say "a talk" I mean I was watching her show and was talking to the TV. She had a guest by the name of George Dawson who learned to read at the age of 98! Incredible!

So, he learns to read, gets his G.E.D.; went to college, and writes a book "Life Is So Good" which just so happened to land on the New York Times best-seller list for a few weeks! This was a story that lingered on my heart for many years...

Fast forward another 10 years, I finally decided to go from talking to doing. Much of 2018 has been spent applying for school, looking into financial aid, blah, blah, blah. About 95% of what I need to take care of is complete, so on August 27, 2018, I start my first class at college as a full-time student, majoring in Marketing!

Will it be challenging? Absolutely! Impossible? Absolutely not!

One thing that has really inspired me while being a part of Wealthy Affiliate is reading about people's success; not just the monetary successes that many of us desire, but also how many people have grown in areas of personal development. This not only inspires me but gives me a confirmation that I can succeed in school and in business. So, in essence, all of you are a part of this journey.

Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

The icing on the cake is this: 120 credits are needed to get your Bachelor's; the college I'm attending accepted 62 transfer credits, so I only have 2 more years, as opposed to 4, to receive my degree. That means I'll be graduating in 2020! How cool is that!

I have one more month of "freedom" before the madness begins, so I'll be seeing you guys around the platform. May we all continue to enjoy this incredible journey we call life; never stop going after our dreams; have cake; and always...

Strive to Thrive,


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Way to go Veronica!
Sometimes it is all about the timing when making a big decision that will have a big impact on one's life. I say this because it looks as if you always wanted to go back to school but the timing was not right. I think that we all have wanted to do something but the timing was never right at one time or another. Now that you have made the commitment to go back to school, I have no doubt that you will succeed. Keep up the good work!

You're a wise woman, Deidre!

I used to wrestle with not having finished for many years, to the point of it being a source of shame. It's taken me years to accept the fact that even though it seemed right, the time was just not right for me, possibly due to not being mentally ready to make the commitment.

Now that I;m 50, soon to be 51, I don't plan on wasting time!

Wishing you all the best Veronica. With that beautiful smiling profile looks like you can't go wrong in your life.

Fabulous post full of your very joyful self.

You go girl!

~Debs :)

My goodness, Debs, your words are so beautiful. Thank you so much!

Only talking from what I see. I already feel a good vibe from you. Your absolutely great.
Thank you for the follow I followed you straight back. Wishing you all the best veronica.
I am sat here smiling whilst I type, your smile is infectious.
Your a star :)
~Debs :)))

I went back to school many years after I graduated high school. It was the best 2 years, I worried about being the old lady in the class, and though I was the old lady the kids accepted me like any other student, it was great. I made incredible friends that I still have today, I had lots of fun and I learned so much, including about myself.

So go and have a blast, I wish you all the best in your studies and life experiences.

I'm a bit nervous but definitely looking forward to meeting some hip Millennial students, lol.

I appreciate the encouragement, Mary. Thank you.

I was in much the same situation as you, 2 years of credits, needed 2 years to graduate. When I went back to school the students were young enough to be my grandchildren and many of the instructors, were my children's age. I had great focus. I did all my thrashing around many years before. It was a pleasure to complete something that I had started so many years before. Good luck. Great decision!

I completed a 2-week Math workshop last week at the school I'l be attending; I'll never forget how excited I was to see a 72-year old guy in the classroom. It felt great to be there, but it felt even better to see one other student who was older than me, lol. I guess vanity never truly dies.

I appreciate your comment, Candace.

So true!

Congratulations. May you grow as much in college as you have at WA.

That would be lovely, Jerry! Thanks for reading and giving me encouragement.

Kudos to you Veronica!
You'll be fine - make it happen!

All the best.

Thank you, Jackie! I'll come back to read these comments if I should ever start to panic.

Congratulations on your courage and determination. You already have the ingredients to make it happen, and congratulations in advance, future Marketing Manager.

Aww... thanks so much, Nsoh!

You are welcome Vero.

Learning opportunities abound. especially online. great for you!

Although there might be a few classes that are offered online, I'll be doing the sitting-in-the-classroom student. It's close to home and will putt me in a new environment meeting new people.

I love the old non-virtual classroom Veronica!

I had considered taking online courses towards my degree, but although I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate the friendships forged online, nothing beats that one-on-one interaction.

great story especially about the 98 y/o man learning to read!!!

I actually read his book a few months ago; it really is incredible that he gave himself that challenge, despite all that he suffered in life.

Thanks for reading, Thomas.

Thanks for sharing V. This is great news. I wish you bountiful success in all that you do.


I appreciate that, David. I'll take a armful of that "bountiful success"!

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