A to Z Analogy: Xylophone

Last Update: Jun 4, 2018

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In my A to Z Analogy, I will take places, things and people and relate them to developing our online business. This is just for fun, but perhaps, you'll be able to see something from a different perspective.

Today's Analogy: X for Xylophone

My goodness, if I still had my xylophone from when I was a child, there wouldn't be a week that would pass without me banging on those keys! The xylophone I had was colorful and was just so much fun - although probably not so much for anyone listening to me bang away!

And that's it...that's the analogy:

Wealthy Affiliate Can Be Fun!!!

Different people have written posts about taking some "me time"; making sure that they schedule in time to enjoy life. That's terrific! But we can have fun while we're still on this platform! Yeah... it's allowed!

I'm a kid at heart, so now and then (OK, often) I just let the silly girl come out and play, which is often displayed in the comments I leave. Now, there's a time and place for everything, along with knowing that not everyone will "get" my sense of humor. That's where building relationships comes in handy.

Somewhere along the way - hopefully - you start to build relationships. As strange as it may seem, even in this virtual world, friendships can be forged. So, as you get to know people, you can carry on these friendly banters within the comments you leave. And what's really great is that often, other people chime in!

Here's the thing: the world can be a very, very scary place. Yes, many here are looking to grow a successful and profitable business, but if I felt that I had to always step away from the platform to have any fun, then my time online would be laborious, tiresome, and boring... I think some people may actually have a word for that: A job!!!

So, get loose... let your hair down... have some cake... LOL and frolic in the wonderful meadows of Wealthy Affiliate! And always...

Strive to Thrive,


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Recent Comments


I have to admit the Xylophone was my fav instrument at junior school. Mind you I've not banged on one since then. Maybe I should?? :)


I say go for it, Mark!

Perhaps we can declare June 4th Xylophone Day!!!

Yeah I like that... just added to my calendar! :)

My daughter played the xylophone and I loved it. She didn't that much simply because she wanted to March and a xylophone is hard to March with but I loved it.

Tried and True


I just may have to treat myself, Elaine!

It's so funny, but I haven't thought about my xylophone until I started to write this post. Actually, I was just trying to see if I could find another word for "x" other than "X-ray".

Hi V,

Absolutely you big kid. All work and no play makes for a dull boy. Something like that. So, tag your it, lol. Here's to playing in the Wealthy Affiliate meadow.

Don't forget your musical instrument, lol.

Thanks for being fun.



I can walk and run... and I can bang on my xylophone... but can I do both at the same time... hmmm

Perhaps I'll make that a Part 2 post and talk about the results, lol.

Absolutely, let's have a part 2, please!!

You know what, by reading all these funny comments, the Xylophone-niche would become a success, don't you think?

I love hearing the xylophone though. I guess it's the sharpness of the sounds that I like.

Despite the fact that I don't have any hair to let down, WA can be a lot of fun and there are many interesting people here who make the world seem much smaller than it is. I think WA might be the only website that I've visited almost every single day since January 2007.


Everyday??? In 11 years!!! That says a lot, Jay!

It know. It's crazy but it's true.

I have the site pinned to my browser as the first tab.

This xylophone has a FUN sound to IT!!

I wish I still had mine, Kaju!

Totally agree, Veronica. That is the whole point of being self employed....to enjoy life in the process. Great message. Thanks.

Too often, people make the mistake of thinking they'll wait to have their fun when they've reached a certain financial status... but it could be too late!

Hi Veronica,
Yes, we shall take time to enjoy life as often as possible.
Thanks for sharing.

Absolutely, Jules! I appreciate your comment. Thank you!

Veronica, you have done very well with you A To Z analogy. There's only a couple more to go. Wish you more to share!

Just 2 more letters, Louisa!!!

Things had gotten a bit hectic a few months ago, especially when I was without my laptop. I was tempted to just let it just die out, but I knew it was important for me to finish.

It's been fun, but I'm glad it's coming to an end.

Now you can definitely put this into an ebook

for ages appropriate.

Waiting for the last 2.

Let me know about the ebook.



I love this and couldn’t agree more! Thank you for charming post!!

Aww... thanks for reading, Crissy!

I love to have fun and pull pranks and jokes because I have what they call dry humor or the British humor. You leave the door open and I will get you every time.

I love to have fun because laughter is the best medicine. You are also right that we can have fun right here in WA.

Best wishes on your journey with WA.

Dry humor... sarcasm... slapstick comedy... witty... anything that can make me laugh, I'm good!

Sounds like you have no problem connecting with the inner child in you, Mary!

I am 53 years young and I am a big kid that likes to have fun. I don't like being bored. I like to make people laugh because that makes me happy.

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