The Time Has Come.

Last Update: November 08, 2015

Due to health and moving to California issues, I will be leaving Wealthy affiliate for the time being. I am hoping to come back in a couple of months or so. (It won't be like last time, only 2 days gone!) I will miss you. I thank all of the 942 people for following me and all of the members, owners and Wealthy Affiliate staff, who have helped me directly and indirectly! My best to you all, Vel

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mijareze Premium
Looking forward to seeing you again, Vel.
velcarlson Premium
Hi Ed, Thank you and I look forward to being back soon, My best to you, Vel
LLiu Premium
Vel, I wish you a safe and speedy recovery and I will miss you. I and the community will be here for you when you return.
Vel you can PM me any time you feel up to it. I would love to visit with you.
Take care of yourself,,
May God Bless you always,
Your friend,
Linda :))
velcarlson Premium
Thank you Linda, I will miss you too! My best to you, Vel
MarionBlack Premium
I wish you good health and a speedy return Vel. Please remember to back up your website to avoid any issues down the track Marion
velcarlson Premium
Thank you Marion for the reminder to back up my website. My best to you, Vel
LolaAJ1 Premium
May the best of life be yours, Val.
You will be missed here in the WA community, but with hopes we meet again
Take good care, and God bless you.
velcarlson Premium
Thank you, and I will miss you all, but will be back in 2 or 3 months. You take good care of yourself and God bless you as well, Vel
chartdude Premium
Hi Vel
I am sorry you are having health issues. That must make your move very difficult. Please take good care and I hope to see you back soon.
All my best